These companies let employees work from the comfort of their homes

Some of the world’s most recognizable companies are stepping up their game in terms of remote work.

According to recent reports, Apple posted job listings for more than 60 “At Home” managers and advisors to help customers out, and Disney is seeking work-from-home customer service representatives called “Guest Service Representatives” in various states.

Working from home isn’t just more convenient — it may also be more profitable for some.

Here are other companies that let you get work done from home, and some of the things you could expect as part of their teams.


This international speech and search technology services company claimed the top spot on the 100 Top Companies with Remote Jobs in 2017 list by FlexJobs and reportedly has the capacity to work in more than 150 languages.

The company is currently hiring for positions called Social Media Evaluator, Crowdsourcing, Web Search Evaluator, and more in various countries.

It’s worth noting that “as a work from home contractor,” the company will not provide benefits.


This company came in second place on the FlexJobs list this year.

According to FlexJobs, it has linked more than 20,000 “independent call center agents” with businesses all over the globe and has handled more than 100 million requests as a “marketplace for call center workers.”

As part of the LiveOps team, employees need to have a work-friendly place to work with their own tools (a headset, phone with a cord, a computer, and more), and they’re considered an “independent contractor.”

The company’s website says that while some “agents” clock in a couple hours weekly or a few times monthly to make money on simpler calls, “others are true entrepreneurs who dive in and build their own business, choosing clients and brands they are passionate about and seeking opportunities to expand their skills.”


The industry giant came in third place on the FlexJobs list this year.

Back in April, the company announced that it would be making more than 5,000 additional “part-time, work from home” positions in the next year for the Virtual Customer Service program.

Employees in the program working remotely who clock in 20 hours weekly or more get benefits, like having 95% of their tuition paid for in advance through the Career Choice program for classes connected to “in-demand fields, regardless of whether those skills are relevant to jobs at Amazon.”

Tom Weiland, Amazon Vice President for Worldwide Customer Service, commented in a statement, drawing attention to the idea that “military spouses” have been participating in the Virtual Customer Service program.

The April press release also states that this initiative is linked to Amazon’s goal to fill more than 30,000 part-time jobs next year, in addition to the more than 100,000 full-time jobs with total benefits that it’s creating in the U.S. in the next 18 months.


This company came in fourth place on the FlexJobs list this year and provides consulting and customer service assistance to consumers.

According to FlexJobs, the outsourcing company’s workforce is made up of more than 40,000 employees and almost 20,000 “home-based telecommuting associates” globally who are part of its TeleTech@Home program.

As part of the TeleTech@Home program, associates need a home phone and Internet, and the job includes helping consumers online on social media, “via chat,” and on calls.

The company has previously sought to fill positions called “work-from-home customer care associate,” “process improvement consultant,” and “technical support representative,” according to a TeleTech press release. Check out the job listings here.

With Apple and Disney heeding the call to work from home, the benefits of working at companies like these are pushed further into the forefront.