Why I want to change 1,000,000 people (Yep. 2019, I go all in)

“Don’t try to visualize the great mass audience. There is no such audience.” ― William Zinsser

I always write for the audience of one. The same happens when I speak at a conference or facilitate a workshop. I don’t care how much people are in the audience. If I can help transform one person, my time was worth it — my work meant something to one human being.

Goals can be a distraction. I agree with Tim Denning that being obsessed with outcomes messes up the chances to do the work we love.

So, why have a set a goal for 2019?

Almost two years ago, I left my corporate job at age 50 to pursue my purpose. I wanted to help people and organizations thrive in change. I didn’t set any goals or metrics but obsessively focused on becoming better and better.

I’ve been doing what I love and experimenting every single day. I made a lot of mistakes and discovered many things about myself and what I can do. Now that I have clarity, a challenging goal can become an accelerator rather than a distraction — it will multiply my excitement, focus, and purpose.

Here’s my pledge

I am going to change one million people in 2019 — to help them become the best version of themselves personally and professionally.

Organizations and people want to transform and become better. Unfortunately, for most, the experience is dramatic and painful. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Change should bring out the best within people, not their worst.

When I hear back from people, I feel reenergized — I want to give more.

One young man wrote to tell me that one of my articles has given him hope — he decided to give himself another chance rather than committing suicide.

A woman who attended one of my workshops realized that by trying to be ‘the nice one,’ she had continuously postponed her dreams. She decided to start taking care of herself.

A successful executive has been suffering from a problematic relationship with his boss; after a team offsite, he took the courage to finally address it — his boss was clueless about his own behavior and decided to work together in improving their relationship.

A CEO called me to fix a toxic culture, afterward, she realized her own behavior was encouraging and rewarding unhealthy conducts. It wasn’t easy but she bit the bullet.

These are just examples of how rewarding my work has become: stories like these inspire me to do and give more. But I don’t lose my perspective — I’m just a change instigator. I’m the spark, not the fire. Change happens from within. Your improvement is only on you. I just provide inspiration, resources, insights, and my authentic self.

Two years ago, I started my business out of a purpose. For 2019, I need an ambitious goal to keep me excited, focused, and challenged.

One million seems like a lot.

But those who know me understand that I thrive when I challenge myself.

Every year, millions of people read my articles here in Medium, Psychology Today, Thrive Global, and more. I engage with many more people via my books, workshops, keynotes, etc.

It’s going to be hard, but not impossible. Once again, it’s not about how many people I reach but the change I can help create.

That’s why I want to track the impact of my mission. If you have been positively impacted by some of my work — articles, insights, workshops, etc. please share your name and how. Write your response below, or please fill out this short form (it’s confidential).

Let’s show the world that change doesn’t have to be dramatic or painful — let’s inspire others to become the best version of themselves too.

Help me help one million people.

Gustavo Razzetti is a change instigator that helps organizations lead positive change. He is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people in 2019 become the best version of themselves.

This article first appeared on Medium.