What my favorite women all have in common

Women inspire me. Regularly. Often. I learn something from almost every interaction. Being around women deeply connected to their own power is like a master class in how to do the same. It’s a reflection of where you have left to grow (which will always be a thing), and the small places you can make another person feel seen.

So, let’s let the love of our women flow forward. Here’s what some of my favorites do, which makes me want to do the same. And for the record, it’s not about being someone’s favorite, but it’s about leaving an impression of love, of inspiration, of support, and of potent good vibes – all of which give us all the confidence to keep going.

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  • They’re generous with their encouragement
  • They laugh with you. At you. Because of you. They’re just so damn easy to laugh.
  • They actually follow up. You know those conversations where you’re like “OMG, I’ll send this link to you about X,Y,Z” … and then they ACTUALLY send what they said they would. It’s the little things.
  • They show up. For the bigs. For the nothing.
  • They see you rubbing the crick in your neck, and they get up and massage the knot out for you. Queens.
  • They’re honest. They let you see yourself in them. Because they share that they actually photoshopped their bun, or admitted they said something nasty, or open up about their extreme doubt. Their honesty lets you in.
  • They’re not always reloading. They’re actually listening. They’re curious. They want to know more.
  • They’re full of ideas and connects on how to bring your dream to life.
  • They say, “That’s SO you.” Because they cared to understand you in the first place.
  • They text after they see you. Because seeing each other WAS real joy. Why not let ’em know.
  • They let you spout your bullsh*t. And they know that you know 90% of it is your bullsh*t.
  • They tell you NO. Which is a reminder to have boundaries, too.
  • They make plans. They put things on your calendar. Cuz, committed.
  • They’re more excited about your wins than you are. Cheer-f–king-leaders.
  • When you self-deprecate. They call you out. Because ya, you are beautiful even if you forgot mascara and have no bra on.
  • They Facetime… even if they hate to Facetime… because you love to Facetime.
  • They bring you flowers. Just because.
  • They ask about your family. And remember the important days.
  • They quote you to yourself. Because they’re funny d-cks like that.

Flow it forward…Woman on xx

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