The weirdest work requests ever

Has a boss ever asked you to do something so strange that it makes you do a triple take?

Take a moment and think about how weird it gets in the customer service sector. Luckily, people have posted the evidence of some pretty weird moments on social media for all of us to see.

Hold the burger

Mashable reported that a man ordered a cheeseburger from McDonald’s— but he chose to go without *drumroll, please*…onion, ketchup, mustard, pickles, a regular bun, and a beef patty.

The result: A lone piece of cheese lies alone in the box, but the Golden Arches customer was still charged— just not for a full burger.

But wait, it gets better: check out the man’s response to a Twitter user who questioned him.

To each his own.

An order of pizza…with a side of toilet paper?

Mirror reported that someone ordered a pizza with chorizo, cajun chicken, sweetcorn, and caramelized red onion, along with sweet potato fries and Coke….plus a “spare roll” of toilet paper from Firehouse Pizza Booterstown in Dublin.

An employee posted the photo below on Twitter, which was sent to her by a coworker because she reportedly wasn’t working that night.

Talk about an interesting side dish.

Adding a “special touch” to hotel rooms

Remember when you were a kid, and jumping on the bed was your idea of fun when you stayed at a hotel? A grown man reportedly took hotel room antics to a whole new level.

Elite Daily reported that a man put a bunch of unusual items in the “Comments or Special Request” section of online booking form for a hotel room, which he forgot about at first.

But the best part is that the hotel staff actually took him up on it.

He continued to do the same thing at a bunch of other hotels and was met with the same thing— the staff played along.

But there’s more, of course.

Nothing wrong with being a kid at heart.