Wearing these 3 colors at home will instantly improve your mood

For many of us, just putting on pants that don’t have a drawstring is considering dressing up during these remote workdays. People are even wondering if we will ever dress up for work again? However, if you are having an especially tough or low day you may want to consider finding sweatpants in a color that isn’t black or grey or brown. Specifically, if you are looking to boost your mood try wearing yellow.

Leatrice Eiseman, a famous color specialist and the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, said in an interview recently, that yellow and orange are perceived “as the most cheerful” colors because they are reminiscent of the sun.

Eiseman conducted research on the color yellow through word association on thousands of people over the last 30 years and found that the words “sunshine”, “warmth”, “cheer”, “happiness” and  “playfulness” are associated with the shade. “Give any child a box of crayons and they reach for the yellow crayon,” said Eiseman. “And invariably in the upper right-hand corner or left-hand corner will appear the ball of sun and often with the rays emanating out.” How could yellow not brighten your mood?

Another color besides yellow and orange that could put you in a good mood is green. It is associated with wth health as well as prosperity. Psychologist and author Carole Kanchier said of the color green that it “suggests security, abundance, love, growth, luck, and balance.” She also noted, “Wear green when you want to see things from a different perspective, need to feel grounded, calm, generous. Don’t wear it when you’re confused, feel stagnant, want to be alone.” Looking at things from a different angle and feeling calmer can all be more beneficial in the workplace, especially when you are home.

Psychologist Dr. Becky Spelman told The Mirror, “An awareness of the cultural and psychological factors at play when it comes to color helps us get to know ourselves better and also gives us a way to communicate. Through the clothing and accessories we choose, we can use color to communicate, without words, a range of messages, and emotions. For example, if someone dresses in very bright colors, at least on some level they are saying they want to be seen,” he added.

So even if no one sees you in these colors, just wear them for yourself if you need a mood change. And if you have no video calls, try wearing them altogether.