Want to be insanely successful? Put all your eggs in 1 basket

“The way to become rich is to put all your eggs in one basket and then watch that basket.” -Andrew Carnegie, net worth $310 billion

Conventional wisdom says “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

Why? Because that’s risky. It’s scary. And traditional wisdom is inherently risk-avoidant.

Going to college, getting a steady job, everything in moderation — that’s what traditional advice says. There’s nothing wrong with this path — life is a balance, and many people find much happiness and satisfaction in the road most traveled.

But if you want to be insanely successful — the kind of successful most people will never experience — you need to put all your eggs in one basket.

The World’s Most Successful People Played High-Risk, High-Reward

If you study the lives and choices of many highly-successful people — actors, entrepreneurs, politicians, comedians, athletes — you’ll start to find a common theme:

These people always seemed to play high-risk, high-reward.

The truth is:

  • Only a tiny fraction of actors can make a living from their work.
  • Less than 2% of all college athletes go on to become professional.
  • Politics is one of the most competitive and difficult industries in the world.

Yet all these individuals — men and women from every walk of life — got successful in these high-risk fields because they put all their eggs in one basket.

Comedians Steve Martin and Kevin Hart both performed thousands of comedy shows in front of mean, uninterested audiences for years, making barely enough money to pay rent. But after years of betting it all on themselves, they both became the most recognized comedians of their generation.

There are dozens of these stories — stories of people who “foolishly” put all their eggs in one basket.

But these are the individuals who experienced insane success in their endeavor — they didn’t branch off and have 10 backup plans. They had one plan: succeed, or fail.

They put all their eggs in one basket, and watched that basket very carefully.

Want a Life 99% Will Envy? Make the Unsafe Choice.

If you want to live a life people envy — a life defined by freedom, passion, and doing what you want to do when you want to do it — you’re going to have to start doing things no one has done.

You need to make the unsafe choice.

Today, making the unsafe choice has never been easier. There are so many ways to succeed — technology, opportunity, and access have never been more abundant.

But it still takes guts.

If you want high-level relationships, high-level income, and meaning to your life, you need to make unsafe choices — the kind of choices that make people question your motives and remind you how dangerous that is.

“If you want to live an exceptional and extraordinary life, you have to give up many of the things that are part of a normal one.” -Srinivas Rao