Video Chat Recap: Spring Clean Your Job Search

A follow-up on some of the most popular questions asked during our spreecast on cleaning up your job search.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to the spreecast on spring cleaning your job search. Click on the following link to view this spreecast and check out the hashtag #AmandaLIVE on Twitter for additional tips.

Before I dig into some of the topics we discussed, I’d like to share a few stats on a job seeker’s online presence.  According to a Jobvite social recruiting survey:

  • 86% of recruiters admit to reviewing candidates’ social network profiles, whether or not the candidate provided that information
  • 70% turned down a candidate based on something they saw on their social media profiles
  • 85% said a positive social media presence has influenced the hiring decision

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Q1: What is online presence?

As a job seeker, you need to develop a marketing campaign that will advertise your skills to employers in a variety of formats. These include how you are represented on paper, in person, and online. Take a look at the following articles to learn how to monitor your online brand, eliminate or push down bad results, and build a strong online presence that aligns with your resume.

Q2: I’m relocating for work so my wife can attend medical school and trying to make a career switch since I recently got my MBA. How can I stand out to employers when I’m applying from so far away?

If you have an MBA or important certification in your field, add this acronym after your name on resume and profiles so recruiters can’t miss it. If you’re relocating, let recruiters know there’s a good reason for the move. In other words, make it clear you didn’t make this decision on a whim and that you’re not an expensive flight risk. Utilize your professional and alumni networks in your desired location to build your connections in the new area. Also, be prepared for a phone or Skype interview!

Q3: I owned my own business for the past few years but I want to go back to the corporate world – any suggestions?

Stay away from calling yourself the owner or CEO of your latest venture, since you want to avoid any assumptions or stereotypes recruiters make about entrepreneurs (basically that you won’t play nice with others, etc. in the corporate setting because you’re used to running the show). Take a look at these articles for other pointers.

Q4: What should I do if my most recent job doesn’t isn’t as relevant to my current job goals as some of my earlier work?

Think of your resume and your online presence as an ad. You only have so much real estate to work with, and you want the most relevant information to go above the fold. Spend less real estate on the jobs that don’t support your job goals so that your more relevant roles will make it to the first page of your resume (or the top half of your profile).