If you use this phrase on your follow-up email, you’re twice as likely to get a response

Does this scenario sound familiar? You have a great phone call or in person meeting with a company for an exciting new position. You think it went really well! You had a good rapport with the hiring manager and you’re eager to take the next steps.

So, you send a follow up email after your meeting, and…crickets. You watch the days pass by without getting a response back, wondering why you haven’t heard.

Sometimes, you don’t hear back simply because they aren’t interested. Unfortunately, in the job search, you won’t hear back the majority of the time about whether you are no longer being considered. They found someone else that they want to move forward with, and that’s that.

Sometimes, however, the email gets lost in the clutter. The hiring manager shuffles it into the “later” pile and gets forgotten. Yes, follow up emails are extremely important – but how do you make sure your letter won’t go unanswered?

Email subject line

Having a subject line that stands out from the rest of the emails in their inbox is the first step to having your letter opened. CareerSidekick says that the quickest way to get an email read is to just simply reply to the email chain that you have been corresponding from. This way, they know it’s from you and what position you are referring to.

If you aren’t replying to that chain, make sure to refer to what you are emailing about. Reference the interview and the date/time. You could even put a “thank you!” or “follow up” in the subject line to show you are grateful for them taking the time to meet with you.

Confirm your interest

Employers want to know whether or not you are still interested in the position after the interview. It’s important to express your interest in the role in the body of the email.

After greeting the person by name and mentioning what the job is for, mention that you are excited to move forward and hear back regarding next steps. If the employer is interested in you, they will be happy to hear about your continued interest. Most likely, they will reply back with further detailed instructions about moving forward.

Be positive and thankful

Show your enthusiasm! We touched on this a little earlier with the subject line, but it’s so important. One of the best ways I do this is by showing my gratitude through a “thank you” or “it was so nice meeting with you”.( I also throw in an exclamation point in the intro of the email to show how genuinely excited I am about the role. )

Refer to a specific conversation

Mentioning a memorable conversation topic will not only make you stick in their mind, but it also develops a relationship with the interviewer. It displays that you pay attention and are someone they could easily have a conversation with. All the other candidates will send similar emails about their interest and thanking them – but if you can list a specific moment that you bonded over, it will keep you fresh in the hiring managers mind. 

Sell yourself

Lastly, make yourself stand out from other candidates. List why you would love this position, how it aligns with your personal and career goals, and the skills you possess that would make you succeed in the role. Why are you better than all the other people they are interviewing?

End the email saying that if they need anything else from you (portfolio, references) or have additional questions to shoot you an email. This is a subtle call to action to get a response back.

These guidelines should not only help your email get opened, but may potentially double your chances of moving on to the next steps.