Turns out cold brew coffee has this secret health benefit

One of the most commonly cited unwelcome side effects of drinking coffee is the hazardous effect it has on our typically empty stomachs in the morning. Caffeine is a pretty potent trigger for abdominal pain for people that suffer from IBS. According to health educator Emily Downward, “coffee can stimulate the body’s intestines, increasing the movement of food through the digestive tract.” It’s acidity also inflames the small intestine.

For those that can’t survive weekday mornings without a little joe, health trainer Max Lowery comes with good tidings.

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Why you should consider cold brew

After 10 days, Lowery found a steady coffee diet to be absolutely ruinous to his stomach. Because he never had a history of IBS in the past, he quickly identified the morning beverage as the root of his recent symptoms.  Further research pinpointed the acidity of coffee in particular to energize the adverse effects on digestion.

In addition to being generally smoother and sweeter, the method in which Cold brew is roasted makes it considerably less acidic and thus more palatable. Grant Gyesky of RISE Brewing Co. recently sat down with Business Insider to explain the science behind Lowery’s accurate observation.

“By maintaining colder temperatures during the brew, the oils in the beans are never released. Therefore, cold brewed coffee can be up to 70% less acidic than traditional hot drip coffee, which makes it easier on someone who struggles with IBS symptoms and gives it a much smoother and sweeter taste.”

Light roast just got less scary

And in other coffee just got a little better for you news, Acrylamide, the terrifying buzzword associated with some many of our favorites foods has plagued coffee drinkers for some time. In high doses, it has been identified as a harmful carcinogen.  

The chemical is found in most kinds of coffee. Less so in dark roasts, as the process of roasting breaks it down considerably. If you prefer the more flavorful, caffeinated punch of light roasts fret not.

Novozymes, a biotech company based out of Denmark recently developed a method of reducing the Acrylamide concentrations found in coffee by 95% without forfeiting any of the texture or flavor. Their website states:

“Both the EU and the USFDA warn of acrylamide’s possible carcinogenic effects. Acrylaway® enzymes are a natural solution to healthier baked products – with less acrylamide.”

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