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Future of Work

A JP Morgan intern who had to click on 12,000 websites regrets nothing

Algorithms can't do everything, as one unfortunate intern found.

Future of Work

Bankers and lawyers will be routinely fired and replaced with algorithms

Like all good job-hunters, robot overlords are coming for the best and highest-paid jobs first.

Future of Work

Little girl loves a “robot,” but one might take your job in the future

Robots and automation are not just threats for blue-collar jobs, but white-collar ones.

identity at work

Italy wants to offer women ‘menstrual leave’

Menstrual leave is designed to empower women to take care of themselves, but it frequently acts as a stigma.

Future of Work

The mommy wars come to work

Women without children are seen as shallow and ambitious; women with children are paid less. Nobody wins in these identity wars.

Future of Work

Will unions come to Silicon Valley’s well-paid workforce?

Will Silicon Valley encourage its workers to unionize for political power if it means also changing the work culture of tech?

Future of Work

Google launches new program to boost Black coders

Google makes a big push to get more black coders in the door.

Future of Work

More than half of ‘The World’s Greatest Leaders’ are women

Women dominate a widely-watched list of powerful leaders for the first time.

Age in the Workplace

An important age discrimination lawsuit may come to the Supreme Court

Can an employer have secret age hiring preferences for its online applicants?

Future of Work

Do you have enough saved to retire for 22 years? Probably not

Retirement used to last 2 years. Now it lasts 22 years. Americans are nervous.

The Future of Work

The World Happiness Report shouldn’t be so hard on U.S. workers

This measure of happiness tends towards the political, rather than the social.

The Future of Work

Robots won’t take our jobs, say workers — they’ll take yours instead

Two intellectual heavy-hitters, the former CEO of Microsoft and the former Treasury Secretary, are divided on how dangerous robots will be.


Survey: Americans welcome our new robot overlords

Americans are ready to accept robot workers in a variety of roles and are unconcerned about the threat artificial intelligence poses to jobs.

The Future of Work

Stop being complacent and start winning again

Americans have become too complacent and too immobile, writes economist Tyler Cowen. To recapture our ability to succeed, we will need to embrace change.