Top 10 growing remote work jobs available in Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado, aptly coined “the city nestled between the mountains and reality,” is also a hotspot attracting a mass migration of remotely working young professionals.

This is due in large part to the pressure to switch to work-from-home offices in light of the coronavirus crisis still holding many hostages sheltering in place in areas of the world where this deadly virus has yet to be contained. Telecommuting has never been in higher demand and these industries are demanding a new dynamic workforce to fill the following roles in 2021.

Industry research conducted by the team at FlexJobs sourced the top 10 list through combing market research to find the career categories that reflected a 25% growth rate or higher since the pandemic started. They found this information by looking through their database to find which companies within certain industries were posting the newest remote work opportunities for job hunters from March 2020 to December 2020.

The following 10 industries are virtually thriving — here’s how you can frame your resume to have a better chance at starting a new remote career in the foothills of breathtaking Boulder, Colorado along with a direct link to companies hiring.

Katie Gilronan at FlexJobs recommends the following 3 tricks to look more attractive on your resume to entice a remote work recruiter:

  • State it clearly. List “Remote Work” next to your job title. For example, Director of Marketing (100% Remote Work)
  • Include it in the descriptions of your past jobs. For example, “Led a team of five customer service reps in a completely remote work environment, and successfully earned an average team satisfaction rating of 94%.”
  • Build it into your skills section. For example, make sure you talk about the types of skills it takes to be a successful remote worker – time and task management, communication, self-management, the ability to work independently, and comfort with technology are some of the top skills employers like to see when hiring for remote jobs.

1. Marketing

The City and County of Denver are looking for a marketing automation manager that will partner with the marketing and brand management in the government non-profit sphere to strategize, build, and execute email and SMS programs that bring awareness to robust community shared services available to the public. Your duties include building remote campaigns that inspire community engagement on every level.

You can apply for this work-from-home position on Ladder’s site here and start making 150K per year.

2. Administrative

Administrative work can easily be done from home and is yet another growing industry in Boulder, Colorado. Lions Gate Entertainment is looking for a leader with a background in mass media to directly supervise members of the database administration team, plan projects, make schedules, and manage performance markers to aid in the professional growth of their team working from home. Supreme time management and keen organizational skills are a must for this managerial database administration position offering applicants 100K per year if they land this exciting job. Apply here today!

3. HR and recruiting

Both HR and recruiters are in charge of matching workers with the right company and ensuring that the relationship remains a symbiotic one over the course of your budding working relationship. Arrow Electronics near Boulder, Colorado is looking to bring on a senior talent acquisition specialist to help diversify their team. This company is looking for someone with 5 to 7 years of experience finding potential in a sea of applicants based on a comprehensive understanding of the market and skills required to bring their company to the next level in terms of competing with other industry giants. If this remote career path sounds like it pairs with your specific skill set apply here and start making 80-100K every year!

4. Accounting and finance

Anyone with a background in mathematics, banking, statistics, and IT will have an easy time finding available jobs in accounting and finance-related positions. Regions Bank in Boulder is looking for technical systems analysts to assist the manager of information technology with projects that will facilitate internal operations at the bank. This coveted remote opportunity offers a generous 80-100K salary and you can send in your resume here. Experience with software development and a background in coding is very helpful when applying for this position.

5. Graphic design

Graphic designers have the luxury of working remotely these days and if you have a background in this field several companies are searching for designers to clean up their websites to impress new clients. If you are a visual communicator I’d suggest looking into the company Matter Communications headhunting for a web developer that can deliver the best in class digital experiences. The salary is 80-100K and if you have demonstrated experience in visual solutions to effectively communicate and sell products that improve your clients’ quality of life, apply here.

6. Customer service

Customer service jobs were largely telecommuting careers, to begin with, and openings have only increased in light of the pandemic. If you’re great at assuaging issues and coming up with quick solutions to client’s concerns this is the job for you. Worldwide TechServices is in the market for a customer service engineer fielding questions related to internal software operations from the management by providing expert end-user desk side support. Apply to this company to start making a yearly salary of up to 100K per year.

7. Writing

Writing can cover the gamut from creating branded content for a mass media conglomerate to copywriting for an advertising firm. If the written word happens to be one of your strengths The Motley Fool company based in Boulder, Colorado is looking for a WordPress technical lead to streamline communications by improving digital marketing platforms, email marketing platforms, and analytics platforms. This mass media informed position pays employees 80-100K per year and you can apply for this career in communications here.

8. Mortgage and real estate

Household name RE/MAX Holdings, Inc. is looking to hire someone with a background in real estate to help them with product management in regards to their broker application. Your duties will include engaging with customers through interviews and market research to determine where the future of real estate is moving towards directly from the needs and unique perspectives of the modern property owner gleaned from such one-on-one telecommunications sessions. Want to make the process of finding a dream home easier on the client and more fruitful for your company? Apply to this open position on our site and start earning 150K a year.

9. Internet and e-Commerce

Careers in this broad field cover anyone well versed in software development, designs, and networking tools. There has been a massive demand for young professionals with an aptitude in information technology and Enverus in Boulder is looking for a software developer well versed in writing maintainable code. Taking a course in data science can give you the edge needed to clench this coveted remote opportunity compensating employees 150K each year. You can apply your valuable core skill set by sending in your relevant work experience here.

10. Project management

Last on our list of growing work-from-home career paths is one in project management. The United Launch Alliance in aerospace and defense is looking for a project manager. Applicants must be knowledgeable in regards to launch systems and excel in developing space vehicles. A career in this industry offers a salary of 150K for experienced engineers. Apply for an out of this world career pivot here on Ladders’ website today.

Good luck on your job search!