Too cold? Over half of employees fight over office temperature

We’re nearing the end of February, which means it’s still cold and will be for quite some time. Office workers are still wearing sweaters and cardigans, and some of them have had it with typing away in a freezing office.

New research from British heating company Boiler Plan found that 52% of office workers have clashed with colleagues over office climate – as you may have predicted, it’s either too hot or too cold.

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Some employees have taken matters into their own hands, with 14.5% making a formal complaint to HR. A rogue 12.3% have taken action by doing damage to the office thermostat.

The office wars

Obviously, office climate wars have been raging for decades. There have been fancy methods suggested for controlling office temp, but it hasn’t been widely adopted. It’s even been suggested that people who are way too cold in the air conditioning during the summer could have a temperature allergy.

But your office temperature shouldn’t have to make you miserable (even though a study shows that temperature is adjusted more for the comfort of a typical man rather than a typical woman). There’s the Hyperchair, with heating and cooling units built-in.

The company Smoko makes toast-shaped “USB wired” hand warmers, which warms your hands up when you plug them in. And someday, super-futuristic “thermal bubbles” will be able to follow employees wherever they go.

In the meantime, listen to a physiologist on how to keep your body feeling warm – and restrain yourself from damaging an old-fashioned thermostat while waiting for your own thermal bubble.

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