This is the best job for lazy people, according to Reddit

Lazy people need jobs, too.

Finding the right job to match your drive might be difficult, but Reddit users chimed in on a discussion surrounded around the best job for a lazy person.

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Responses ranged from part-time summer jobs like being a lifeguard to being a toll booth worker, but many pointed toward being a security guard as one of the best jobs for lazy people.

User DoubleYukie said they worked as a part-time security guard on weekends at a trucking company which was conveniently closed on weekends. The user claimed to work 12-hour days patrolling a small wing of property every hour. That allowed him to purchase a portable DVD player and watch “every DVD I had.”

“When I did security I had to do an activity report for every half hour and it couldn’t be the same,” claimed user deleted_old_account. “I got very good at saying, ‘I walked in a circle in a dirt lot and nothing happened’ over and over in different ways.”

Security positions were a common theme in the thread. One user said a good job for the lazy was to be an attendant at a museum who guards art.

“I had this job at a fairly popular museum,” user Potato_Quesodilla said. “My duties included clicking a counter every time someone came in and telling them not to touch the art. I wanted to basically die after a while.”

User soulfister said a backstage doorman at a theater was another job that allowed them to watch and read whatever they wanted.

“I’m a backstage doorman at a Broadway theater,” the user said. “I sit around watching Netflix and Hulu and all that shit all day, if I’m feeling ambitious I’ll read a book or write some standup material. It’s a pretty sweet gig and perfect for the laziest of people.”

Other users said being a copy editor was a viable lazy job because it allows you to work from home and on your own schedule while others said being a system analyst was another option.

CareetAddict rounded up the 25 best jobs for lazy people, in case that’s your thing. These low-stress jobs surprisingly could come with a big paycheck, which includes being a hotel tester (up to $120 per day) or becoming a professional cuddler (up to $80 per day).

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