This survey says these are the items everyone packs for trips and never actually wears

How do you pack for your vacation? Do you cautiously leave yourself enough time and choose every item carefully? Um, nope. According to a new survey of 2,000 Americans by Trunk Club, a Chicago-based personal styling service, carried out in conjunction with OnePoll, when it comes to packing, a clear majority, (65%) say they have difficulty packing for a trip. And one in three people leave their packing to the last minute – 24 hours before.

The only thing people rated more stressful than deciding what to pack was getting through airport security.

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And 62% of Americans say they overpack when traveling

What items are the most overpacked? Jackets, long-sleeved shirts, and socks were ranked the most likely to never be touched.

When choosing what clothes to pack for a trip, 72% said that being comfortable was very important.

So was having options: 36% of people wore two outfits a day while traveling.

Secrets of a pro

There are some people, however – expert business travelers, for one – who are killer packers. Bozoma Saint John, Chief Marketing Officer of global entertainment, sports, and content company Endeavor, was interviewed in Marie Claire recently, and she gave her packing tips.

Her first secret: never check a bag. “I bring a carry-on suitcase and a duffle bag that I stuff my purse into, which allows for a little more space. I’m a stiletto-type of girl, so I must have two pairs of stilettos in there. Usually it’s a gold pair and some other color, which can be anything because I consider a leopard to be a basic, so sometimes it’s that.”

Her second: pack things that can be worn more than once.

“…like a leather jacket you can wear indoors so you can simply change out the top underneath, therefore it feels like a different look every time you wear it.”

Finally, be practical:

“I also pack top or pants that I can wash in the sink, so I can quickly hang dry it and wear again. Roll everything up in your suitcase to save space.”

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