This study makes some good arguments for streaming TV at work

It was only a matter of time before the takeover of personalized streaming services invaded office ecosystems-especially in the US, where the trend is currently experiencing a breakneck rise.  A recent CNBC All-American Economic Survey revealed that about 60% of the public uses some form of streaming service or another, with Netflix reigning chief amongst them.

The accessibility of digital entertainment coupled with pervasive burnout sees  53% of professionals habitually streaming on a work computer or company-supplied device throughout the workweek. This statistic comes courtesy of a new Office Pulse study comprised of 612 responses from employed citizens living in the US and Canada.

Workplace binging is so omnipresent there is a Chrome extension that exists called Netflix Hangout that creates a bogus conference call with three fake work colleagues in addition to a secret conference call window that has whatever show you want to stream. Twenty-three participants recruited by Office Pulse confessed to downloading this extension to slack off undetected. “Despite feeling overwhelmed and stressed out with their workloads, many workers are still finding time to sneak in a little TV streaming during the workday to keep up with the latest trending show, current event or sports highlight,” explained Nicholas Vitukevich of Office Pulse.

What would you say … you do here?

Comically, more than half of the respondents said they make no effort to hide their cubicle streaming from fellow coworkers or their bosses. Fifty-nine percent watch current event programs while on the clock, 41% watch sports, 28% enjoy sitcoms/scripted television and a very small minority, 8%, take some time to catch up on their soaps.  One in five respondents said they have on at least one occasion streamed an entire season of a television show on company time.

“While recapping and catching up on missed episodes is the most common (41%), another 38% of workers said they’re streaming TV in real-time during the workday. Twenty-one percent said they do both,” added 

Although Netflix is veiled by the nifty previously mentioned extension, the vast majority of workers prefer to watch Youtube videos on the clock.

The binge bond

The survey additionally funds a case to be made for the positive impact of cubicle binging, given 68% of the employees queried said that discussing the shows they watch at work helped them form bonds with their coworkers.  This was occasioned significantly amongst Millenials (80%) and Gen Zers (70%), the two demographics that reported watching TV at work with most frequency.

 said, “The commonality may have some feeling a little left out. Thirty percent of professionals said they have felt left out at work because they weren’t caught up on the latest TV show, sporting event or news topic. Of those, Millennials seem most prone to FOMO when their coworkers can’t stop gabbing about the newest must-watch show,”