This Millennial CEO says this is the greatest (and most fun) trick for brainstorming

Dani Beckerman is truly a Millennial CEO, but that shouldn’t be perceived as a negative. It is quite an awesome thing in this case. After all, her company, Jars by Dani, is what it is today (which is quite successful) because of Instagram (she boasts over 56,000 followers).

She also has an impossibly cool style, showing up to speak on panels and interviews in those white chunky sneakers that are oh so cool right now (while when some of us try them on we look like a weird adult size version of Punky Brewster and by some of us we mean me).

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However, don’t let that youthful face and effortlessly laid back style fool you. This young woman is a super driven successful CEO whose company is making a major mark in the food industry.

Like all great ideas, Jars by Dani was born out of looking for a fun way to impress her friends at a dinner party back in 2013. She decided to get a little whacky after a particularly inspirational trip to Michael’s and put dessert in a jar. It was delicious and also incredibly beautiful, which in this visual currency age, is just as important as the taste.

Beckerman, who was attending culinary school during this time, shared a photo of her creation on Instagram and soon friends were sharing the photos, and friends of friends were asking where they could get one and shortly after that, she realized she had a business on her hands. Before long she was making hundreds of jar desserts a day out of her own kitchen (with a very patient roommate and without a mixer mind you) and hand delivering them herself, with a little help of the New York transit system.

“I was in the best shape I’d ever been in,” she told Ladders as climbing flights of stairs every day was imperative for the crucial beginning of her business.

Soon, her beautiful jars caught the eyes of some very famous dessert eaters including Diane von Furstenberg and other fashion brands who require the perfect artistic dessert including Barneys New York, Helmut Lang, Tiffany & Co., Milly, Elle, and Glamour.

Eventually, the company moved out of her kitchen and into a real test kitchen and office space and now has a staff of 14 people (30 during their very busy holiday season.)

Dancing by myself

Jars by Dani, which is available nationwide, is also always collaborating with other brands including by Chloe, Microsoft, HBFit and a little cupcake shop no one in New York has heard of called Magnolia. This means Beckerman, in addition to running her business and all the complexities that come with it, constantly has to come up with new ideas. Future plans include expanding her dessert offerings and opening her own store.

So how does she stay creative? Dancing around in front of the mirror. No for real. She had tried meditation and it just wasn’t working for her (plus, this sounds a lot more fun.)

“I came up with the best ideas and flavors here.  First of all, it is a real confidence builder. Confidence is a mindset meditation. You have to like yourself,” she told Ladders.

Beckerman said she actually stopped doing the dancing technique for a bit and she felt an impact so she recently incorporated it back into her routine: “When you dance in the mirror think about what you like about yourself.”

Plus, studies have shown that dancing was associated with an improved cognitive function for aging adults as it helps with physical agility and mental strength. Dancing, more so than most other physical activities,  requires mental, physical, emotional and social skills.

And thinking about desserts sounds good too.

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