This is why you aren’t achieving success despite working super hard

Oftentimes, we find ourselves hitting a brick wall. So much time has been spent on pursuing a target, a goal and our wants. We ask ourselves “Why do I work so hard but yet I don’t achieve success?” Subsequently, we narrow our focus so intensely to achieve that goal till we eventually blind out all other opportunities and happenings that pass us by.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term ‘blinders’, it is akin to the leather or plastic cups which are placed on the side of a horses’s eyes (sometimes called blinkers) to prevent them from looking to the rear or the sides and basically to keep them from being distracted but instead, keep them focused on what’s in front.

Metaphorically, most of us stay focused by having ‘blinders’ on our eyes, blocking out everything else that do not seem to lead us to where we want to be or have.

Now, here are three ways to remove those ‘blinders’ …

1. Loosen your grip

The very reason why we place ‘blinders’ on ourselves is because we are so certain of the way we do things. We are so convinced that the methods we are using and the targets we set for ourselves are the right ones. As a result, we hold on very tight to them and narrow our sight dramatically. At times, being ultra-persistent may prove useful, but at other times, it may just lead you to that brick wall again and again.

The first step to remove those ‘blinders’ would be to loosen our grip. Let loose of our fixed ideologies and allow other ideas to flow in. Imagine yourself gripping an object tightly. So tightly, that your palms start to sweat and the object seemingly becomes harder to grip.

The very same principle applies here, hold on too tight to our goals and we’ll find it harder to achieve.

2. Open yourself up to the ideas you are most against

Remember the last time you immediately shut out an idea that you didn’t think will work? Well, bring that idea back to the workbench and reevaluate it. Most of the times, we are quick to dispel ideas that are out of our comfort zone and only embrace those that are aligned to the ways that we believe are right.

Don’t forget that most successful ideas were the ones that went under the radar.

3. Stop, drop and start afresh

If all else fails, one of the best ways to avoid wearing ‘blinders’ on ourselves would be to stop whatever you are working on, or even drop it and start afresh. Sometimes, our path has become so convoluted with failure and negativity that we often fail to reach our goal and spend most of our efforts and time to solve those problems instead.

Clean out the palette and the drawing board. Venture out into stuff that you have little knowledge on. Start over and you’ll start to see that there is more behind those ‘blinders’.

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