This is what men really think about their body hair

Men are really concerned about their body hair.

Whether its chest hair or the hairs on their back, more than half of men said they felt embarrassed about their body hair, according to a recent study.

The research, conducted by OnePoll, interviewed 2,000 men in a survey and found that 55% said they felt ashamed about their body hair. Nearly a quarter said it haunts them often.

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It’s a hairy situation

The perils of unwanted body hair have inhibited men from enjoying everyday life. Nearly one-third said they avoided swimming due to being embarrassed about their body hair, and another quarter avoided the gym. It even affects their sex life with nearly one in five feel it has a nasty impact on their love life.

Perhaps, though, men’s problem with their unwanted body hair stems from their slacking grooming habits. Forty-eight percent said they didn’t have the best grooming routines and another 43% said they lacked confidence in their grooming abilities. More than half said their appearance suffered due to their poor habits.

While more than half said they were embarrassed over their body hair, 62% said they never shaved their back and just over half said the same about shaving their legs. In fact, 56% said men should only shave their face.