This is the one hack you need to clear your screen of tabs immediately

Is there anything worse than a full overwhelming inbox? Perhaps a screen (phone or computer) with dozens of tabs upon tabs open. It is utter chaos. But we think, I’ll never remember if I don’t leave the tab open. But when you want to wipe the slate clean, is there a trick? Yes, there is.

Sometimes these tabs have been on for a very long time, and more tabs are added. Numerous unread tabs for future “potential” reads about the news or other blog articles or some personality quiz that you might want to take.

This starts cluttering the browser, and then we can not deal with the number of tabs anymore. But the device itself will have issues. Way too many tabs can crash your browser and basically make your computer complain.

Safari is the default browser for many Apple products including the iPad, iPhone, and all Mac machines. Just like many browsers having too many tabs, Safari is also going to have a problem.

However, if you have a lot of tabs, and your device starts to slow down, you can always start closing them. But closing them one by one can be tedious, and soon, you would probably leave the tabs open.  You can use the close  button x which is on the left corner of every tab buut there is an even easier way out of this.

The close all. 

How to work the close all

Here’s what you need to know: 

All devices using Safari will be able to see a double square button on the left side of the tab bar. The button looks like it’s two squares, one over the other. 

  1. On the Mac, it will be on the top right corner, to the left side of the “add tab +”. 
  2. On the iPhone
    1. It will be on the bottom right corner of the app if you are viewing your app in portrait mode.
    2. It will be on the top right corner of the app if you use the landscape mode.
  3. On the iPad, it will be on the top right corner. 

Using Safari on an iPhone or an iPad

On the iPhone and iPad, you can use the advantage of the iOS gestures and tricks that can help you close tabs, and actually manage your tabs much better. These gestures and tricks are often overlooked by users. But that’s not happening anymore!

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Open Safari’s app on your device
  2. Long press the tabs icon, the double square icon.
  3. A pop up will show up and click Close All Tabs. 
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With these three steps you will be able to close each and every tab that was open. 

Using Safari on Mac

On the Mac, there will be more options available. On Mac, you can close all the other tabs on the Safari app, apart from the current one that you are viewing. Now obviously you can close all the tabs by consistently clicking on the ‘x’ button, but let’s be honest, nobody wants to spend the rest of the evening on that.