This is the new unlikely power color

What a celebrity wears after a very public breakup is almost as important as winning an Oscar when it comes to how society will now respect them. You could either go the route of Ben Affleck and gain a bunch of weight, enter rehab and agree to star in Batman Vs. Superman (and kill an entire franchise in the process) or you could go the way of Irina Shayk. The supermodel is the star of the summer after breaking up with her partner Bradley Cooper in May.

The sartorial choices she would make in the immediate days after the breakup were of the utmost importance as the world had cast her in the role of the beautiful victim that had lost her man to the talented temptress that is Lady Gaga. But no, Shayk would not play that role. Instead, she power dressed her way out of the scorn woman role through various outfits. She wore Burberry to meet up with Cooper (somehow matching him in the process which is a mind game if there ever was one), an oh-so-of-the-moment no-nonsense khaki jumpsuit that conveys the perfect amount of ‘Don’t mess with me because if I had to I could put together a tractor engine’ and then somehow managed to pull off a feminine white dress with combat boots and a clutch in the shape of a book in a look I call “grunge-pastoral chic.”

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It’s nuts

But her most notable outfit was this pistachio ensemble as Shayk wore the power color of the moment. It is an unlikely color to be labeled powerful but yet it is subtlely strong. Shayk wore a shirred mini dress in the green shade by Faithfull the Brand with matching sneakers. And she isn’t the only notable person embracing the pistachio look. Rihanna, Kendall Jenner and all the Instagram influencers are all about this minty green shade.  Marc Jacobs, Jil Sander and Sally La Pointe also featured it on their Fall 2019 runways. So if you think this is just a fleeting summer trend you would be wrong as this will be the color to wear while sipping on your Pumpkin Spice Latte. Lyst even saw that pistachio and sage greens were seeing spikes in searches on the internet since last October.

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The why and how

So why is it having such a big moment? Well, green, in general, is having a moment. Green is associated with wealth and growth, both good things. Psychologist and author Carole Kanchier said of the color green that it “suggests security, abundance, love, growth, luck and balance.” She also noted, “Wear green when you want to see things from a different perspective, need to feel grounded, calm, generous. Don’t wear it when you’re confused, feel stagnant, want to be alone.”

Now pistachio is a bit more delicate than a bold green which actually can make it trickier to pull off. So if you are looking for how to wear it to the office try one piece at a time. According to Niamh Crawford-Walker of The Style Edit, “pairing pistachio items with mossy shades for a head-to-toe green ensemble, more subtle takes on the trend can be channeled through committing to one green item per outfit. This may take the shape of a pair of pumps, a mini handbag or a soft knit.”