This is the fashion item you’ll be seeing all over your office this summer

Fashion month is over, and a curious garment was all over the runways, as ManRepeller has noted: shawls. They were on the catwalks of Vivienne Westwood, Sies Marjan, Louis Vuitton, and more – draped and tossed around the neck and shoulders in a variety of glamorous ways.

If you think about it, shawls are just the extension of the now-grubby giant blanket scarves we’ve been wearing all winter. (It’s time to dry-clean those things!)

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Which has us thinking: it’s almost time to shed coats, and after that, endure air-conditioner season in cold offices. Shawls suddenly look like the chic and effortless alternative to the frumpy office cardigan or sweater draped over the back of the chair. Remember pashminas?

The new crop of shawls are so much cooler, designed in a variety of prints or sherbert-colored styles.

Whether your vibe is Stevie Nicks (who says she has a temperature-controlled “shawl vault“), Martha Stewart, or straight-up Paris fashion, know that you’re more fashionable than a sweater when casually drape yourself in a shawl this summer, which will let you go from swanning into meetings to braving the A.C.

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