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Nike gets accused of ‘hostile’ culture to women in new suit

Four ex-Nike employees said they endured a "hostile" work culture and were paid less than their male peers, according to a new lawsuit.


New study shows why Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘Lean In’ is not enough

An unintended side effect of the "lean in" message is it helped people believe women are responsible for causing and fixing the problems they face at work.

Personal Finance

The cities in America with the highest (and lowest) income inequality

We don’t all make the same. There are areas of the country that are more equal than others. These are the 10 cities with the highest income inequality.


Survey: 42% of women think they make 10-20% less than male coworkers with comparable jobs

A survey shows that 42% of women think they earn 10-20% less than males and 42% agree the "pay gap" is the most significant problem women deal with at work.

Salary Negotiation

3 steps you can’t afford to miss when determining how much you ‘should’ be making

Start closing the gap by negotiating your own salary or freelance rates to ensure you're standing up for what you are worth.


Occupations with the largest gender pay gap

These are the occupations that have the largest gender pay gap in favor of men for all full-time employees aged 25 to 35.


10 negotiating tips every woman needs in her arsenal

Negotiation, in any field or context, is something women just don’t learn enough about. If we are going to have equality in the workplace and beyond, negotiation skills are extremely important.

Gender at work

Women in tech suffer because of the American myth of meritocracy

The fact that Americans believe their society is a meritocracy is the biggest threat to equality, particularly when it comes to gender, as research by myself and others shows.


Having a baby between these ages makes the gender pay gap impossible to overcome

When you're a woman planning a family, timing what age you decide to have a baby will have far-reaching consequences on your future earnings. Think carefully. There is a 10-year baby window that will put women in a pay gap from which they will never recover.

Equal Pay Day

The secret to understanding income inequality

Whenever we observe a massive compression of inequality in income and wealth, there are major shocks of violent disruption behind it.

Equal Pay Day

5 ways for women to help women rise up on Equal Pay Day

Nearly 20 years into the new millennium, women still aren’t getting paid equally. Women are held back by doubt, antiquated notions, and stereotypes — and sometimes each other. This Equal Pay Day, help another woman rise in the workplace.

Equal Pay Day

The surprising way ‘gendered’ jobs hurt both men & women

Fighting against workplace inequality is just a typical day at the office for most women and minorities. Recently it has dominated the news cycle due to the outrage over sexual misconduct, the #MeToo movement and the birth of the #TimesUp campaign in Hollywood. But is there a more subconscious, widespread culprit at play as well?

Equal Pay Day

How to ask for more money — and why you should

Another year, another Equal Pay Day with disappointing statistics about the gender pay gap. These evidence-based reasons why women should use Equal Pay Day — April 10, 2018 — as an impetus to negotiate for fair pay.

Equal Pay Day

Survey: 68% of women believe they are paid equally to men

New research from ahead of Equal Pay Day, on April 10, shows that 68% of women believe they are being paid the same amount of money as men at their company with a “similar” professional background.

Equal Pay Day

15 notable women on how to fight for equal pay

The wage gap is still very significant. Though it is easy to become disheartened women need to keep fighting for equal pay. Here are some notable women, and their wise words, who have spoken out about equal pay.

Equal Pay Day

Sallie Krawcheck: ‘Nobody ever got fired for asking for a raise’

Ahead of Equal Pay Day tomorrow, the Ellevest CEO says that this is how women can have the confidence to go in and ask for more.

Equal Pay Day

3 ways the gender pay gap still hurts women

Women face financial penalties at work and at home that follow them throughout their career, creating cycles of being underpaid.


Research: Women making significant gains in tech since 1978

Technology and STEM have historically been a world where women are incredibly underrepresented. Now, that's starting to change.


This guy just quit in solidarity with female coworker over ‘boys’ club’ at FEMA

In an act of solidarity for his coworker, FEMA's male press secretary Paul McKellips said that he was quitting because of the “boys club” that was excluding the former head of external affairs, Susan Phalen, from meetings.


17% of companies have no plans to review equal pay policies despite #TimesUp

The #TimesUp movement is in full force, and even though the initiative has made waves across industries and ideologies, new research makes it clear that every employer isn't taking the intended message to heart.

Equal pay

These are the cities where women are obliterating the pay gap in tech

If you're a woman in tech, it seriously pays off to work in these cities, where the gender pay gap is becoming closer and closer to obsolete.


This male CEO cut his salary by $48,000 to match his female predecessor

EasyJet CEO Johan Lundgren will take a pay cut to match the amount his female predeccessor, Carolyn McCall, made as part of commitment to equal pay for men and women.


Jessica Chastain and Octavia Spencer show us how you can team up with your coworkers

How Jessica Chastain helped Octavia Spencer get five times more in pay, and how you can, and should, do it too.


The pros and cons of employees making a salary-transparent database

How much is everyone around you getting paid? This is a question that many of us at work privately wonder, and now, through a database, some actually get to find out. Before you decide to make your own salary database about your workplace, there are pros and cons you should consider.

Equal Pay

New study reveals the three best cities for equal pay in America

These cities know how to get it right.