This is how much the average person spends on Halloween

If you think people save all their money to spend on Christmas, you would be wrong. People are spending more and more on Halloween even though it is supposedly a children’s holiday. According to a new survey of 1000 people from LendEDU, the average American will spend $185.50 on Halloween in 2018, and this is up from $169.81 in 2017.

Out of decorations, candy and costumes guess which one gets the most dough? Candy for the win at 41% or $76.05.

The study’s authors said, “Candy is to Halloween what presents are to Christmas; sweets make the spooky festivities what they are and excite all the young trick-or-treaters more so than anything else.”

This was followed by costumes at 36% and finally decorations at 23%.

Surprisingly people are spending less on costumes this year than they did in 2017. Perhaps because according to Google searches, the most popular costumes for adults were witch, vampire, and zombie which aren’t too expensive to buy or DIY.  But the average person makes up for it with their budget with increases in candy and decoration.