This is exactly how many sick days you have taken on your couch during its lifespan

Your couch has been through a lot.

The average American couch is around six years old and not only harbors the loose change that falls from your pockets but also plays a role in emotional therapy and nursing you through sick days, according to new research.

In a survey headed by OnePolll for Rove Concepts, researchers looked at living situations of 2,000 Americans to find how long homeowners expect living appliances to last and how they could improve their living spaces.

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Home is where your couch is

And it turns out that many of life’s moments happen where your couch sits. The average American couch is six years old. It’s been used 36 times for naps, 32 times as a social space with family and friends and 21 times for sick days, according to the data.

The study also found how the average couch has been cried on 17 times and holds around nearly $2 in change between the cushions.

Seventy-percent of Americans polled viewed their couch as comfortable, despite more than one-fifth complaining about the sofa’s appearance and how it’s outdated.

“The furniture you select are a reflection of how you want to feel in your living space. These pieces become a part of the everyday moments that truly make a living space your home,” a spokesperson for Rove Concepts said.

Furniture adulting

Whether it’s Ikea or some other supplier, investing in permanent pieces of furniture is largely seen as a step toward adulthood. Participants in the study said at age 28 was the right time to invest in more permanent home pieces. Those types of appliances were considered mattresses, bed frames, coffee tables, dressers, and other furnishings, according to the study.

“A high-quality piece of furniture transcends function and becomes an essential part of your life for years of lasting memories,” the spokesperson added.

A recent study found that Americans spend nearly a third of their day sitting down, with US teens averaging the most at eight hours.

If you’re debating on what your first — or next — grown-up purchase should be, here’s how participants decided on their furnishings, according to the survey and check out the video below.

Dining table: 36%
Dining chairs: 35%
Couch: 34%
Mattress: 31%
Bed frame: 30%
Coffee table: 26%
Dresser: 26%
Arm chair: 25%
TV stand: 24%
Sectional: 22%
Night stand: 22%
Side table: 20%

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