This is a major (and insane) reason why Millennials and Gen Z are reluctant to get married

In a blossoming age of autonomy, our youngest generations are supplanting traditional predictors of success, like marriage and having children, with career-based ones. Millennials, who were reared on the notion that college is the single most predictive factor that determines loserdom down the pike, are now restless in fields they’re not all that passionate about saying nothing of the mountain of debt that will trammel them for ensuing decades. Generation Z, on the other hand, retains the iconoclastic vigor of their predecessors without the diploma dogma to boot.

These objectives reanimate the American Dream, trading white picket fences for 401ks and a stable retirement fund. With these considerations in mind, 1-800 Contacts surveyed 1,010 US citizens to sketch a clear image of what the future holds.

Evolving Milestones


As demonstrated by the chart above, getting hitched makes a modest impression amongst the vast majority of Millennials. The primary grails regard self-government; evidenced by terms like “adult-job,” not dream job mind you, or job that pays well but a job that conveys an impression of maturity.

“In spite of the millennial stereotype of living with parents (there’s even Monopoly for Millennials where players never come to own property), three in four modern millennials had, in fact, moved out of their parents’ home. Nearly the same amount (73%) also paid all of their bills.”

Self-sufficiency is a theme that carries over to the long-view.  Yet again, when the Millennial cohort was tasked with visioning the best-case scenario for their trajectory, Lohengrin and grandchildren didn’t even crack the top three. Retirement, financial security, and financial success were found to be the most coveted goals amongst this demographic. This isn’t to suggest young people are wholly cynical on the topic of family matters, a broader review of the data of this study compared with studies conducted in the past more accurately locates youthful concern in practical measures. Although getting married was an aspiration amongst 35% of Millennials, 40% of the same group were optimistic about grandkids being a part of their future.

“As many studies show, believing in yourself and embracing optimism over your future can significantly impact your ability to achieve your goals, financial or otherwise. No matter who you are and what you hope to achieve, sincere optimism and focused goal planning can lead to great results.”

Unfortunately, the Millennials that wanted marriage the most, tended to be the least buoyant about it. Seventy-two percent of this group expect to have a much harder time finding their partner than previous generations and only 17% of Millennials expected to be “much happier” after marriage.

Altar-ing expectations

The most pressing worry wedging the gap between young people and the altar is divorce. Eighty-eight percent of Millennials and Gen Zers that didn’t want to get married occasion this anxiety, and 73% of these demographics that desired to wed, cited the very same. Boosting success rate seemed to come down to age.

The average Gen Zer thinks 27 is an ideal age to tie the knot, Millenials presumed it to be closer to 30, and Gen Xers and Baby Boomers both agreed on 35. The internet also informed marriage reluctance in an interesting way. A considerable amount of Gen Zers and Millenials expressed an inability to decide where to get married after seeing so many great wedding locales on social media.

Given student loan debt has officially surpassed $1.5 trillion, it stands to reason that recent graduates are in no hurry to start a family. Seventy-eight percent of these are genuinely worried that they won’t be able to retire. They remained sanguine nonetheless. Eighty-four percent of the young Americans surveyed said that they’re willing to make the significant financial tradeoff to secure long-term goals; in other words, they’re aware of the uphill battle that awaits but not at determinations expense.

“This rang particularly true for millennials who now report an increasing sense of challenge when it comes to their financial and familial goals.  No matter who you are and what your hopes and dreams may be, your future can be just as bright as you perceive it to be. And while it can certainly help to know and see where you’re headed in life, at 1-800 Contacts we understand that seeing the world around you is just as important.”