This industry now employs 4% of workers, and it just keeps growing

Amidst stirrings of the next recession, one industry’s growth remains steadfast. According to a recent report published in the online journal Palgraves Communications, the US green industry employs 10 times more employees than the fossil fuel industry. Based on the findings of the Low Carbon and Environmental Goods and Services Sector (LCEGSS), the green economy has secured close to 9.5 million workers, or 4% of the population of working-age individuals. It is estimated to have a staggering $1.3 trillion in annual sales revenue. 

Why the fossil fuel empire has floundered

The upsurge in the green job market seems especially promising relative to the dwindling fossil fuel industry. Researchers at the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis reported to the Guardian in 2018 that the industry is the weakest it’s been in decades. Jobs within coal mining have dropped from 90,000 to 53,000 since 2012 based on a DoE ‘Energy and Employment’ report.  This sector is reflective of the overall devolution of fossil fuel-related jobs — there are now fewer than 200,000 jobs within fossil-fuel electricity generation.

Even tried and true fossil-fuel reliant states are being swayed by the tides of change — petroleum hubs such as those within Texas now ascribe a sizable allowance of their energy to renewable resources. 

The devolution of the once stead-fast fossil fuel mecca may not be surprising considering green energy’s superior efficiency. A recent study revealed that maximizing onshore wind energy via wind farms could power the entire European continent up to 100 times over — that’s enough energy to power the whole world until 2050. This is an output that the fossil fuel industry simply is unable to match, at least with its current infrastructure.

 A ‘greener’ job market  

Because the green economy is so diverse and wide-ranging, data quantifying green career prospects may inaccurately represent the availability of jobs within the sector. According to LCEGSS research, the wide-ranging industry is comprised of 26 sub-sectors. Some of these include wind and solar power, carbon capture, biodiversity, and marine and air pollution regulators. 

For more insight into the jobs available within the green industry, here are a few sectors worth considering based Ladders continuously updated database of high-paying jobs:

  • Engineering Management
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Environmental Health & Safety
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Architecture & Interior Design
  • Business Project Management
  • Environmental Health & Safety