These were the Top 6 biggest productivity-disrupting events of 2018

With the average person’s attention span lasting around a staggering 8 seconds (shorter than that of a goldfish mind you) it is amazing we get any work done at all. We are able to be more productive on a slow news day, when no good sporting events are on or absolutely nothing interesting is happening with celebrities. But with the way everything is blown out of proportion on the internet in this highly digital age, that probably gives us about 10 productive days total. But what were the biggest distractions of 2018?

Hive, a project management platform, released a study on the “Most Disruptive Events Of 2018 For Productivity” and found these five moments kept us glued to our phones and totally unproductive.

6. June 15th – The World Cup Spain vs. Portugal game

No surprise here! The World Cup only happens every 4 years and when it does everyone drops what they are doing and remembers they are lifelong soccer fans.

Productivity drop: 15%

5. April 10th – The Mark Zuckerberg Facebook hearings

Though he was perfectly media coached you could tell Zuckerberg was stressed as he was grilled.

Productivity drop: 19%

4. September 25th – Bill Cosby Assault Sentencing

People were on the edge of their seats to see how many years formerly beloved entertainer Bill Cosby would get.  At exactly 4:30 PM, productivity dropped 32%.

Productivity drop: 32%

3. April 25th – Kanye West Tweetstorm

Only a few individuals are able to break the Twittersphere and West is one of them. His April 25th Twitter diatribe created quite a bit of attention with his pro-Trump rhetoric.

Productivity drop: 55%

2. September 27th – Brett Kavanaugh hearings

With 13 million people tuning in it is no wonder productivity dropped 31% at 10 AM when Dr. Ford began testifying. Productivity dropped another 70% once Kavanaugh took the stand  later in the day.

Productivity drop: 70%

1. November 30th – Ariana Grande’s “Thank u, Next” video

All you need is a few good pop culture references and people will just quit working for the day. So many people stopped what they were doing to watch “Thank U, Next” video that YouTube’s comment section literally broke for a minute. Her video was the fastest video ever to reach 100 million views on YouTube.

Productivity drop: 37%