These quotes from top travel influencers will inspire you to leave the 9-to-5

Are you turning into a green-eyed monster on Instagram watching the top influencers live their most glamorous travel lives? Well, they want to help you achieve some of the same success and happiness through exploring the world. The knowledge below will get you out on the road, seeing what’s out there.

Kiersten Rich of @theblondeabroad

“My biggest piece of advice would be to make sure you have a passion for whatever you want to create content about BEFORE starting out. If you’re becoming an influencer just to get free things, more times than not, it will lead to complete burn out. You have to be willing to put in hours of work (often years) before you see anything in return,” Rich told Thrive Global.

Gloria Atanmo of @glographics

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Had a blast sharing all my favorite tips and tricks during my second workshop with @TrovaTrip when it comes to getting "THE SHOT" on your travels! I got to share, explain, and demonstrate my entire process of shooting myself and capturing the best landscapes in other countries. Photography is by far one of the most valuable hobbies you could ever pick up and your travel photos will always be the best [and cheapest] souvenirs you can acquire. I'll share a few quick tips from the workshop here as well. 1. To add height or importance to the subject of the photo, shoot (or angle your tripod) from a lower angle. In this shot, I appear more poised and powerful than I am in real life 😅 simply by the angle of my camera. 2. The best hour of the day to shoot is the two hours leading up to sunset. The sun is at its calmest, you can get some golden hour magic, and you get to play with the pink hues in the sky as well. The worst time of the day to shoot is noon. The sun casts a harsh light directly above you which leads to harsh shadows which make for subpar photos. 3. Relay movement in your shots. Though it's not always easy, and it'll definitely be awkward, try to vogue, spin, or take a small leap forward so that some wind can gush through you and your shot can have more life! What are some self-photography tips you've learned over time? Share below! This photo was shot on the infamous Pink Street in Lisbon at the ungodly hour of 6AM where beer bottles and urine still decorated the streets from another crazy night that this city is known for 😜

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“Traveling is only expensive when it’s as convenient as possible. You’re paying for convenience when you book a flight on a specific day, non-stop, first-class, and with a beverage included. All that sounds great, but if a commercial ticket on the cheapest flying date of the week (Tuesday) could manage its way on your schedule, choose that instead!” Atanmo wrote on HuffPost.

Kate McCully of @adventurouskate

“I know there’s a lot of fearmongering about women traveling alone, and that’s something I work hard to combat. The truth is that, with appropriate research and preparation, almost anywhere on the planet can be traveled safely by a woman alone,” McCully told ABC7NY.

Stephanie Be of @stephbetravel

“If you’re seeking to be a digital nomad, look at the sacrifices required and figure out what you’re willing to give up. It’s a cost-benefit equation. It’s a business decision. How much can you earn each month? How will you have health insurance? Remember that most businesses aren’t profitable in the first three years, so start the blog while you still have a job or find ways to work while you travel,” Be told Paste Magazine

Kristen Alana of @kirstenalana

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I chuckled when @dante.vincent suggested I share one of the photos he took of me in Roma with a caption that simply said, • it me 👋🏼 • because it’s cute. Just like the sticker in @instagram Stories. BUT I never caption things that simply and when I try to, I can’t be even half as clever or witty as the least clever or witty person I know because I just wasn’t made that way. And I’m aware enough to be ok with that. To be ok with how I was made. To work to perfect the set of skills I do have. And the irony of being so often labeled an ‘influencer’ who is asked to share more photos or myself & be in front of the camera more, is that I never wanted that. I’ve only ever longed to be a working photographer who could pay her bills doing what she loved most. Taking pictures. Behind the camera. It being about me was always confined to simply being properly credited for photos. • So what I would have told you is that when you visit Roma, take some time to get coffee the Roman way. Please don’t go to a Starbucks. And when you do, either order your coffee and then drink it quickly by standing in the coffee bar or choose to sit at a table and know that will take longer + cost more. Table service isn’t the norm, it’s just one option. Danté & I were so glad to find our rented apartment was right around the corner from Sant’Eustachio il caffè, which is my favorite coffee shop in the city, so we started every morning there. Sometimes we stood inside, sometimes we sat outside and took our time. ☕️ My friend @mondomulia recommends Roscioli Caffè as the best. So, now you have two options for when you visit @roma 🇮🇹😊 #romaitalia #ralphlauren #sezaneaddict #santeustachioilcaffe #travelstyle #lovesroma #romacittaeterna #buongiornoroma #skymileslife

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“Have a business plan before you quit your job. There’s a perception that all I do is vacation ‘for a living.’ I could do that if I’d made millions of dollars in another career first and never needed to earn more. Plenty of people want you to do things for free, and you’ll never run out of those offers. However, to actually have a job that pays but is as rewarding as what I do is, you have to approach it as an actual business,” Alana told Paste Magazine.

Annette White of @bucketlistjourney

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There is more to explore at the Taj Mahal then just the stunning white structure itself. I spent a few hours checking out all the little nooks and these arches were one of my favorites.💛💛💛 #incredibleindia #indiablogtrain . Don’t miss a post—follow hashtags: #bucketlistjourney #bucketlistjourneytravels . . 📷: thanks to @pointsandtravel for snapping this pic. . @incredible #palaceonwheels #incredibleindia #india_ig #india #india_gram #indiatravel #indiatrip #indiatravelgram #visitindia #loveindia #travelindia #traintravel #indiaclick #rajasthan #agra #tajmahal #travelready #travelshots #travelstory #thetravelwomen #traveladdicted #tripaddicts #travelblogging #bucketlistjourney #bucketlistjourneytravels

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“The travel blogging market is saturated, but so are other businesses around the world, such as cafes, clothing boutiques and craft breweries. There is still room in every industry for those who are not only willing to work hard and master their craft, but can also find a unique niche that is different than the rest,” White told Paste Magazine.

Tara Whiteman of @taramilktea

“‘We often leave our accommodation for a day without a camera or our phones,’ she said. ‘Getting lost is so much fun. We try to do this in every city so we can get a different perspective, and hanging out without technology is always a bonus,’” Whiteman told the Daily Mail.

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