These are what the fashionable men will be wearing in the office this year

Though New York Fashion Week is putting all the attention on the ladies right now, London’s Men’s Fashion Week already came and went. This means all the looks for 2019 have already been determined.

If you want to show that you are an in-the-know, style maven, this is what the fashionable gents will be sporting soon.

Checkered past

Who says the only dress coat you wear has to be khaki? Go bold with a plaid, checkered or houndstooth pattern.

The puffer vest

Though the fleece vest has become a uniform for many men especially in finance, perhaps you should consider its more bloated brother, especially during these colder months. Puffer coats were also big at Fendi and Cottweiler.

50 shades of gray

Black is so two days ago. Gray is where it is at as it was spotted on the runway of Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Dior.

Loafers are the new sneakers

Ugly sneakers may be having a moment but so are loafers and they look a whole lot nicer. Fancy men’s loafers were all over the runway at Celine, some with gold chains and buckles.

Oversized pockets

Now you won’t even need to purchase that cell phone holder because pockets are getting even larger. Multiple pockets on one jacket were huge at Louis Vuitton this season. 

Massive scarves

Why should women be the only ones that get to wear fabulous scarves that can double as a blanket or a makeshift tent if things get really desperate? Valentino made some comically large scarf concoctions but Dunhill designer Mark Weston embraced the puffer theme for his.

The harness

Now, this is truly only for the sartorially brave. Harnesses have all been the rage on the red carpet this awards season as we saw Timothee Chalamet, Chadwick Boseman and Michael P. Jordan sport them with the confidence and aplomb that only an extremely attractive and talented young actor could as this accessory really doesn’t make any sense. Harnesses went out of fashion pretty much the moment we stopped going to saloons (clearly West World was an influence) but bring them back! A Louis Vuitton one, described as a “cutaway vest,” may set you back  $2,530 however. You can probably find a similar one on Etsy though.