Survey: These are the top perks offered to help retain high-performing workers

New data from global outplacement and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., shows that the most popular way that HR leaders say companies try to keep “talented workers” on board is to offer “401(k) contributions,” at 90.5%.

As for the methodology, 150 American HR leaders at different companies weighed in.

The Top 10 things companies do to keep high-performers from leaving

Respondents were able to pick multiple answers.

  • “401(k) contributions:” 90.5%
  • “Competitive salary:” 88.1%
  • “Good health benefits:” 83.3%
  • “Professional development opportunities:” 76.2%
  • “Tuition reimbursement:” 71.4%
  • “Preventative health and wellness programs:” 66.7%
  • “Flexible scheduling:” 64.3%
  • “Maternity leave:” 61.9%
  • “Continued education:” 54.8%
  • “Telecommuting:” 33.3%

Andrew Challenger, Vice President of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., commented on the research in a statement:

“The well-known narrative is that workers are staying in their positions too long and not making way for the next generation. That is not the case in all places or all industries. Many skilled workers are of retirement age, but companies need them to stay because they can’t find the talent to fill their shoes,” he said.

What company environments are currently like

When asked about their company’s “staffing strategy” at the moment, 64.4% of HR leaders said that theirs were currently in the process of “hiring,” 24.5% said theirs were focusing on “retention,” and 6.7% said that theirs were “downsizing.” Just 4.4% said that the question was “not applicable.”