These are the Top 25 highest-paying jobs in 2021

  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the average wage for employees in the U.S. in 2020 was $51,168.
  • In a survey conducted by OfficeTeam, 48% of U.S. employees said what they wanted most from their employers was a bonus or raise.
  • Six-figure job options include oral surgeon, psychiatrist, physician, CEO, pediatrician, dentist, IT manager, and petroleum engineer.

Are you looking for a job field that will boost your salary this year? Here are the 25 highest-paying jobs you can hold in 2021. (Hint: If you have a mind for science and can handle the sight of blood, you’re golden.)

1. Anesthesiologist 

Average Annual Salary: $208,000

Topping the list with an average annual salary of $208,000, anesthesiologists spend their time at work making sure patients are safe and stable before, during, and after surgery or other procedures. It takes almost 15 years to get to this job: Anesthesiologists need a bachelor’s degree, a medical degree, a four-year residency, and additional fellowship programs and certifications. 

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2. Oral Surgeon

Average Annual Salary: $208,000

Oral surgeons perform any procedures that have to do with your mouth or your teeth. Their job could range from a simple wisdom tooth extraction to more complex surgeries like tumor removals. These surgeons need 12-14 years of education and practice before they’re certified to start practicing. 

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3. Obstetrician and Gynecologist 

Average Annual Salary: $208,000

OB/GYNs are capable of providing two services. Gynecologists take care of women’s health issues, and obstetricians help women through pregnancy and childbirth. These doctors will also complete 10-15 years of education and residency — but the salary and the reward of helping new mothers is worth it.

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4. Orthodontist 

Average Annual Salary: $208,000

If you’ve ever had a kid who needed braces, it should come as no surprise that orthodontists make a lot of cash. This specialized type of dentist works with patients of all ages to help with the alignment of their teeth.

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5. Psychiatrist 

Average Annual Salary: $208,000

Psychiatrists are different from psychologists. While psychologists focus on behavioral intervention, psychiatrists are medical doctors, which means they can prescribe patients medication. It also means they need more schooling — typically 12 years of it.

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6. Physician

Average Annual Salary: $206,500

The term “physician” refers to any doctor who has gotten a medical degree. Physicians help patients stay healthy by diagnosing, treating, and managing any injuries or diseases. They also focus on preventative healthcare through tactics like counseling diet and exercise changes.

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7. CEO’s 

Average Annual Salary: $184,460

CEO’s, or chief executive officers, are completely in charge of their company. They make business decisions and run the company. The path to becoming a CEO isn’t the same for every person. You might start your own business or step into somebody else’s. However, an MBA (Master of Business Administration degree) will help. 

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8. Pediatrician 

Average Annual Salary: $175,310

Science-minded people who are good with kids might make excellent pediatricians. Pediatricians work with patients from babies to age 18. It takes approximately 15 years to complete the schooling required for this career. 

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9. Nurse Anesthetist 

Average Annual Salary: $174,790

Similar to an anesthesiologist, a nurse anesthetist provides anesthesia or medications and keeps track of a patient’s vital signs and biological functions during a procedure. Instead of being medical doctors, however, nurse anesthetists are RN’s (registered nurses). 

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10. Dentist

Average Annual Salary: $155,600

Dentists are adept at filling cavities, teaching patients how to perform at-home oral hygiene, and doing just about anything else that pertains to the teeth and gums. It takes eight years to complete the bachelor’s degree and the DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery degree) required for this career. 

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11. IT Manager

Average Annual Salary: $146,360

IT managers handle everything that has to do with computers for the company they work for. These people typically have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science and information technology. This qualifies them to operate network systems and work with other employees who have IT-related questions. 

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12. Architectural and Engineering Managers

Average Annual Salary: $144,830

Architectural and engineering managers need a bachelor’s degree in architecture or engineering. Many have master’s degrees, too. These managers plan and carry out projects for architectural and engineering companies. 

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13. Petroleum Engineer 

Average Annual Salary: $137,720

Petroleum engineers have a unique job that includes finding reservoirs of gas and oil under the earth and then extracting the gas or oil from those deposits. To work this job, which averages a cool $137,720 salary per year, you’ll need a four-year degree in petroleum engineering (or engineering in general).

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14. Marketing Manager

Average Annual Salary: $136,850

Marketing managers are responsible for promoting their company to its target audience through various marketing methods, like social media, paid advertising, and email marketing. A bachelor’s degree in marketing will set you up for success in this career field.

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15. Financial Manager

Average Annual Salary: $129,890

Financial managers need a degree in business, finance, economics, or something similar. This degree will be used to help companies manage their finances by carrying out duties like data analysis and making financial decisions. 

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16. Pharmacist

Average Annual Salary: $128,090

Pharmacology is a lucrative field with many available jobs. Pharmacists prepare medications for patients and instruct them on how to safely take each med. Every pharmacist needs a four-year degree and a doctoral degree. 

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17. Sales Manager

Average Annual Salary: $126,640

Most companies have a sales manager, who’s in charge of everything pertaining to sales. This job fits people who are outgoing and ready to travel and meet new people — sales managers spend much of their time interacting with customers, dealers, distributors, and other managers.

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18. Podiatrist 

Average Annual Salary: $126,240

A podiatrist is a type of doctor who treats any issues involving a patient’s foot or ankle (from an ingrown toenail to a broken bone). These doctors have a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (D.P.M.).

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19. Lawyer

Average Annual Salary: $122,960

With dozens of different types of law out there, no two lawyer jobs are exactly alike. One lawyer might take on legal issues that have to do with immigration, while another may work on healthcare-related cases or in animal law. Whatever the case, all lawyers must complete seven total years of school before taking the bar exam.

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20. Political Scientist

Average Annual Salary: $122,220

Political scientists study the field of politics, studying history and staying on top of current affairs to predict upcoming trends. This job has four subfields: comparative politics, international relations, political economy, and political philosophy. Political scientists need a master’s degree or Ph.D. in political science.

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21. Pilot

Average Annual Salary: $121,430

This job is every kid’s dream — and the field is a lot more diverse than you might think. Not every pilot flies for an airline like Delta. There are also jobs available on cargo carriers, government planes, air ambulances, fire fighting planes, crop dusters, and more. 

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22. Optometrist 

Average Annual Salary: $115,250

An optometrist (which is a separate job from an ophthalmologist) conducts regular eye exams and prescribes glasses or contact lenses for patients. This person needs a four-year Doctor of Optometry (O.D.) degree and must take the National Board of Examiners in Optometry exam. 

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23. Actuary

Average Annual Salary: $108,350

An actuary helps clients crunch the numbers to evaluate risk and opportunity. This complex job pays well and requires an undergrad degree as well as additional exams. While a degree in actuarial science will be helpful, a business or statistics degree will work, too.

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24. Business Operations Manager

Average Annual Salary: $100,780

A business operations manager plans a company’s operations and then makes them happen. This C-level executive needs a bachelor’s degree in business administration and will work with all of a company’s departments to make sure everyone is on the same page.

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25. Financial Advisor

Average Annual Salary: $87,850

Earning an average of $87,850 per year, financial advisors help clients with different aspects of their finances — such as budgets, stocks, taxes, and more. Financial advisors need to be comfortable working with numbers and communicating with people.

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