These are the top 20 computer science jobs hiring right now

If you have a degree in computer science, you likely already know that there are a variety of career paths you can take within the industry. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking for a new position, these top 20 computer science jobs are the ones worth striving for. Technology is ever-evolving, so the need for computer scientists now is greater than ever. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment in computer and information technology occupations will grow by 12% from 2018 to 2028, creating approximately 546,200 new jobs, according to their website.

No matter what type of computer science job you’re looking for, it’s a good idea to optimize your resume and polish your interviewing skills to get the position you’re after. You’ll want to showcase your creativity, analytical thinking skills, and technical prowess — all invaluable skills in the industry — to land your computer science dream job.

1. Lead Big Data Engineer

Average Salary: $157,486 annually per ZipRecruiter

This computer science role leans hard on analytic skill, requiring professionals who are responsible for building algorithms which will provide insight into raw data in order to create system enhancements or fix technical issues. A lead big data engineer will also typically access huge pools of information and analyze the content in order to create manageable solutions and processes.

2. Blockchain Developer

Average Salary: $154,500 annually per ZipRecruiter

As industries continue to develop their blockchain technology, skilled blockchain developers are in high demand and can nab one of the higher salaries offered in the computer science world today. Experience with various programming languages, system architecture, and best practices for blockchain technology is a necessity, but proper industry research and problem-solving skills are also a must.

3. Information Systems Manager

Average Salary: $146,360 annually per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

An information systems manager often serves as the go-to oversight for all software and hardware systems within a company. They plan and direct maintenance, which often involves overseeing a team of developers, analysts, and programmers, as well as making recommendations to executives for optimization of technology and computer processes.

4. Software Development Director

Average Salary: $145,457 annually per PayScale

Those in software development director roles are expected to plan and manage software development processes, which typically means overseeing a team of programmers. They develop detailed reports, conduct evaluations and presentations in order to best manage the outcome of the software development process.

5. Applications Architect

Average Salary: $140,789 annually per ZipRecruiter

The primary role of an application architect is to create new applications and improve existing applications. They are an integral part of the software design and analysis process who will run software tests, develop prototypes, and create applications manuals and technical documents. Knowledgeable about how applications work together, they often ensure efficiency and reliability for companies and their networks.

6. Computer Network Architect

Average Salary: $137,129 annually per ZipRecruiter

When companies need to create plans and layouts for data communications networks, they often call on a computer network architect to get the job done. Their purpose is to consider the best practices for implementing security while ensuring sound engineering of network systems. They often must generate reports and make presentations to executives explaining how to best create a company’s network.

7. Cyber Security Manager

Average Salary: $136,625 annually per ZipRecruiter

In order to protect their information systems, companies will often hire a cybersecurity manager to oversee their processes and ensure protection. Cybersecurity managers will analyze and report on any gaps in systems security, as well as design protective measures such as firewalls to protect against potential threats.

8. Technical Project Manager

Average Salary: $130,906 annually per ZipRecruiter

Technical project managers are charged with managing information and technology-related projects. They often oversee team members working on a specific project and offer guidance and advice to solve technical problems in order to guide the process of developing new systems and networks in the most effective and efficient way possible.

9. Computer & Information Research Scientist

Average Salary: $122,840 annually per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Companies across various industries often hire the computer and information research scientists to invent and design new technology processes. These professionals will often specialize in systems of a specific industry such as medicine or robotics. Knowledge of systems and network architecture are key, with the bulk of this type of work being research-based and often rooted in theory.

10. Ethical Hacker

Average Salary: $119,289 annually per ZipRecruiter

If the challenge of purposely breaching a corporation’s security network (with permission) sounds thrilling, a position as an ethical hacker might be for you. These highly sought after positions are perfect for security enthusiasts and require intricate knowledge of security tools, malware, and network architectural concepts.

11. Computer Hardware Engineer

Average Salary: $117,220 annually per U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Computer hardware engineers are hands-on developers of computer parts such as circuit boards, processors, routers, memory devices, and other network elements. They not only create and design these intricate systems but physically develop the components as well.

12. Senior Information Security Analyst

Average Salary: $114,910 annually per Indeed

To assess information risk and potential data breach threats, companies will often utilize the skills of a senior information security analyst. These individuals analyze system vulnerabilities and create solutions for various types of applications. At the senior level, these analysts typically manage teams of different engineers and developers as part of their job duties.

13. Senior Data Manager

Average Salary: $112,866 annually per Indeed

Senior data managers oversee the development and use of data systems, which may include teams of system developers and analysts. They will often be required to analyze data and turn the results into presentations that allow company executives to easily understand the ways that their company’s data is or is not being utilized.

14. Software Developer

Average Salary: $105,590 annually per U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Responsible for the design and implementation of computer software systems, software development jobs are in high demand. Developers analyze user needs, and design operating systems that can then meet those needs. Necessary skills for software developers include problem-solving capabilities, knowledge of best practices for testing and maintaining software systems, as well as technical creativity and coding fluency.

15. Mobile Applications Developer

Average Salary: $101,899 annually per ZipRecruiter

Mobile applications developers are a type of software engineer who specializes in designing and programming applications for mobile platforms like iOS and Android. While these professionals are often skilled in various platforms, they will often specialize in a specific platform to reach the expert level of their profession.

16. Database Administrator

Average Salary: $93,750 annually per U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Database administrators work to maintain secure and efficient database systems by evaluating systems and using problem-solving skills to correct any system issues. They must possess the analytics skills needed to understand what is happening within a system’s database. Most database administrators are employed by organizations that must maintain large databases of information such as educational institutions and insurance companies.

17. Information & Technology Auditor

Average Salary: $93,446 annually per ZipRecruiter

Evaluating internal processes and their performance is the main duty most information and technology auditors are tasked with. While the actual processes that an IT auditor will use vary depending on the industry that they serve, in-depth knowledge of computer programming analytics and technical infrastructure are required.

18. Computer Systems Analyst

Average Salary: $90,920 annually per U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

A job as a computer systems analyst requires extensive knowledge of programming and networking systems in order to analyze how they run and make suggestions to optimize performance. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that demand for computer systems analysts will grow by nine percent by 2028 as the need for both small and large businesses to analyze and optimize cloud-based systems grows.

19. Web Developer

Average Salary: $86,550 annually per U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

A web developer will often specialize in one of three areas — front end, back end, or full-stack — each responsible for either how a website looks, how it runs, or how both. They can develop, design, and program code for user-facing sites, web-based databases, and more. While the average starting salary is sub-$100,000, skilled professionals with experience and vast knowledge of web development often earn much more.

20. Computer Programmer

Average Salary: $86,550 annually per U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Most computer programmers can land a desirable role with only a bachelor’s degree, but those with advanced degrees or years of experience may have a higher earning potential. Computer programmers must possess knowledge of multiple programming languages and data structures in order to be successful, but because of the high demand across multiple industries, their job market is vast.