These are the most and least obese states in the US

Some states are more obese than others.

A new report analyzing data about the unhealthiest states in the US found that West Virginia is the most obese state, as 38% of adults that lived there were considered to be this, according to data.

Mississippi, Oklahoma, Iowa, and Alabama rounded out the top five unhealthiest states. The report by Consumer Protect compiled information gathered by the Centers for Disease Control in 2017 as a base for its study.

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An epidemic

Obesity has become a major problem in the US. The CDC estimated that 30% of adults are obese in the American in 2017, a rate that has doubled since 1990.

West Virginia ranked highest because it has the highest diabetes rates in the country, according to the study. Mississippi ranked high due to it having the lowest life expectancy in the US.

Colorado had the lowest percentage of obese adults in the country at just under a quarter. It was followed by the District of Columbia, Hawaii, California, and Utah.

New York ranked seventh lowest on the list.