These are the hardest tech roles to fill at work

New data from Robert Half Technology shows that security jobs usually take the longest time to hire people for. Ryan Sutton, a district president for Robert Half Technology, commented on the research in a statement:

“Technology leaders should act fast when they find a suitable candidate for in-demand roles in security and software development. … Avoid losing top talent to a competitor by keeping the recruitment process thorough yet efficient.”

In terms of how the survey was carried out, an independent research firm polled “more than 2,500 senior managers in 26 major U.S. markets.” Robert Half Technology came up with the survey.

These tech jobs usually take the longest time to fill

When technology leaders were asked what positions were the hardest to fill, they ranked them as follows:

1) “Security”

2) “Software development”

3) “Data analytics”

4) “Networking”

5) “Project management”

6) “Help desk/support”

7) “Mobile”

What managers are open to doing when hiring gets rough

Here’s what managers are open to doing when they have trouble hiring someone for a full-time job. Keep in mind that respondents could pick more than one option:

  • “Work with a specialized recruiter:” 46%
  • “Be more flexible on skills requirements and provide training to new hires:” 45%
  • “Divide responsibilities among existing team:” 45%
  • “Increase the salary/compensation package:” 43%
  • “Reach out to my network for referrals:” 41%
  • “Hire a freelancer/contractor until I’m able to staff the role:” 37%
  • “Reduce education requirements:” 26%

Clearly, companies are willing to go to great lengths during the hiring process.