These are the cities where working women see the most success in their careers

More women are working than ever before. In 1948 only 32% of women were in the labor force nationwide and as of February 2018, that number is now at 57%. However, there are certain cities that are home to more successful women than others. SmartAsset looked at 100 cities in the U.S. and based on their percentages of full-time working women with annual incomes of $75,000 and up, women business owners and women over 25 with bachelor’s degrees and ranked them. They also factored in housing costs as a percent of full-time working women’s earnings, median earnings for women working full-time and the unemployment rate of women aged 25 to 64.

Virginia #FTW

So where are the most successful ladies found? In and around our nation’s capital! Three cities within the D.C. metro area scored well. Arlington, VA took the top spot and Alexandria, VA and Washington, D.C. were also in the Top 10. Arlington was found to have the highest paid women in the country, according to Census Bureau data, with the median full-time working woman there earning over $80,200 per year. Another reason why this city is such a hub for prosperous women is they make up 38.6% of people working in their own private businesses and only 35% of women there have just a bachelor’s degree.

The only area they didn’t get a top 10 ranking was for housing cost as a percent of income. Alexandria, VA wasn’t far behind with the average woman making $67,000 annually there. And in D.C. more and more women are starting their own businesses as women make up almost 40% of business owners.

This data falls in line with another recent SmartAsset list that ranked women who work in technology and D.C. was found to be the No.1 city for women when it came to salary and the highest number of women working in this industry.

Interestingly no single region of the country dominated this list. Instead the Mid-Atlantic, the West Coast, the South, the Southwest and the Midwest are all represented in the top 10. Check out the full list below.