These are the best and worst states to find a job this year

If you live in Massachusetts, you’re living in the best state to find a job, according to new research.

New data collected by WalletHub compared the 50 states on multiple metrics such as the number of job opportunities, employment growth, unemployment rate, job satisfaction, and others where it combined all to assign an overall score, with Massachusetts taking the top spot.

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Following in second was Washington with Colorado, Vermont, and New Hampshire round out the top five.

Massachusetts took first due to it having the highest employment growth. It also ranked in the top five for the shortest time spent working.

As for which fields will see the most growth over the next decade, Anna A. Tavis, a Clinical Associate Professor of Human Capital at New York University, said all fields will be enhanced through technology.

“In every field, individuals who are experts and at the same time are data savvy and technologically skilled will have career advantages,” Davis said. “Additionally, I see growth in the jobs requiring behavioral science background, design and creative skills — all enhanced through data and technology.”

If you’re looking for the highest annual income, look toward Virginia, Utah, Minnesota, New Jersey, or Maryland. Sorry New Yorkers, the Empire State ranked as the worst state with the lowest median annual income, according to WalletHub.

New Yorkers also spend the longest time commuting.

Source: WalletHub

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