These are the 7 fashion trends you will see all over your office in 2019

As the end of the year rapidly approaches we reflect back on some of the biggest sartorial trends of the year. From neon to the River Island check blazer to utility jumpsuits to leopard as a neutral. But now we have a whole new year of interesting fashion trends to look forward to.

According to the annual Pinterest 100 forecasts, this is what people will be wearing in your office in 2019. Of course, which of these trends making an appearance will depend on your office environment (you probably don’t want to bust out bicycle shorts if you are a lawyer who has to go to court) but for more casual industries, these are fair game.

1. Bicycle shorts

You can thank Kim Kardashian for making this one become mainstream fashion. Once only reserved for, well, people who were riding a bicycle, now bicycle shirts can be formal wear. Pair them with a baggy collared shirt or a belted blazer for a full-on 90’s look. According to Pinterest, searches for biker shorts are up 1,323% so get ready.

2. Bamboo bags

Last year may have been all about the baskets but now it is time for bamboo to shine. Pinterest reports that bamboo bags have seen a search increase of 2,215%. Wooden bags continue to be a major trend.

3. Statement sneakers

Good news ladies. Heels continue to be on the outs and it is still all about sneakers. According to Pinterest, searches for statement sneakers are up 2,211%  which is the biggest increase from last year.

4. Robe coats

Is it a bathrobe? Is it a coat? Who knows but gosh it is comfy. Robe coats will be all the rage in 2019 giving off an elegant yet relaxed vibe that says I could totally have done all my work from my bed. Hey, it is at least a bit more professional than the silk pajamas as formal wear trend that was huge in 2018.

5. Ruching

Ruching, a pleated, fluted, or gathered strip of fabric used for trimming, was all over the spring/summer 2019 runways. They actually elongate your frame and will be all over your office.

6. Snakeskin

Leopard may have been the print of 2018 but 2019 will be the year of the snake. Searches for  “snake print” were up 642%.

6. Eco-friendly fashion

You can thank Meghan Markle for this one as people tend to take fashion cues from the Royals and she wore eco-friendly brands on more than one occasion.

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