These 6 unhealthy habits are the biggest productivity killers

The best workdays (other than the ones that are short!) are typically those where you feel both energized and accomplished. And while there are definitely some good work habits to have that’ll help you get more of those types of days…did you know that there are also bad habits that have been scientifically proven to sabotage your productivity?

Here are 6 unhealthy, productivity-killing habits to avoid if you want to actually get sh*t done (mostly backed by science!):

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1. Consuming too much sugar

It’s been proven through research, published in Harvard Business Review, that the consumption of sugar is directly related to not only decline in health but also decline in productivity at work due to spikes and drops in blood sugar. By skipping the donuts and simply choosing black coffee instead of a frappuccino or water instead of soda, you can maximize your output and long-term focus at work.

2. Skipping your breaks

There’s a reason employers offer paid and unpaid breaks throughout your work day: your productivity is highest when you have the opportunity to step away, take your eyes off of your work, and get a little fresh air and fresh perspective. Take 15 minutes every couple of hours to step away from your work and make every effort to think about something else during that time. Your body and brain benefit from the break.

3. Sitting all day

Sitting or standing in the same place for long periods of time without movement leads all of the body’s systems to slow down, including the brain, causing brain fog and making it difficult to innovate, much less produce at the level expected of you. Take time to move and stretch throughout your day, even if you just step away from your computer to do some arm circles and touch your toes; because according to the American College of Sports Medicine, your quality of work, mental performance and time management will typically be better on days when you exercise.

4. Eating a heavy lunch

Overeating wreaks havoc on your body, according to research published by MD Anderson Cancer Center, putting pressure on your vital organs, causing discomfort, and forcing your body to expend more energy digesting your food, thus stealing energy that could be put into your work. Instead, choose to eat several smaller, colorful, protein rich meals and snacks that fuel your brain and body and make it easy to do what you love.

5. Staying up too late

Lack of sleep does more than make you tired and sluggish the next day; it also increases your risk of errors and accidents at work, says the National Sleep Foundation. Establishing an evening routine that includes a consistent bed time (early enough to ensure you get the sleep your body needs) can help you do your best work.

6. Keeping your phone too close

Leaving your phone within eyeshot and earshot at all times can lead to endless distraction. Every Snapchat, Facebook and Insta notification can pull you away from what you’re doing, leading you to lose focus on your project and lose progress when you have to take the time to find your place again. Instead, keep your phone in your drawer or bag, and check it at designated times throughout the day – perhaps once an hour or every other hour if it’s just a quick glance.

This article originally appeared on Kununu.