These 3 rare questions will completely change your thinking

Over the weekend, I had a text message exchange with a close friend. We were reminiscing about working together. He said, “yeah those were good times, weren’t they?”

In a moment of poetic inspiration, I replied: “It’s not over — the threads will retie at some point.”

This text message triggered both of us to go back and forth and ask ourselves three rare questions that I’m willing to bet you may not have contemplated before — or at least not thought about in too much detail.

Question #1: Is time a circle and will we meet again?

My friend told me this question is part of ancient philosophy. When I told him that the threads would retie again at some point, he was reminded of this question. It’s such a rare question and I think about it daily.

Every person you meet will probably show up again at some point.

A guy that used to threaten me in school and act violently towards me walked past me the other day for a split second.

A woman I yelled at in the car park when I got my drivers license more than a decade ago showed up again earlier in the year in exactly the same car park. Was that a lesson or a reminder? This incident caused me to see just how different I am since that encounter. Back then I was very angry. Now a lot of that anger has passed.

A person who used to own the music shop I brought all my instruments from in 2008 walked past my apartment today with this dog. He stopped and looked at me strangely and then kept walking.

A prospective client I’m chasing who won’t answer my calls, messages, or emails walked past me in the lobby today. I tried to get his attention and he kept walking because he was on a phone call. I thought the opportunity was over until I walked towards the male toilets based on a gut feeling. As I walked through the door, the prospective client almost walked straight into me. He too stopped and looked at me strangely for a second while on the same phone call like we had met before even though we have never met and he holds the keys to my current careers KPIs.

Instead of time being straight, perhaps it’s a circle. We start at one point and then go all the way back to that point later in life.

Question #2: Does every day feel like déjà vu when you really think about it?

If I sit and contemplate for long enough in a meditative state of mind, this question always finds its way into my head.

Every moment in time, to me, feels like deja vu — as though it has happened before and I’m reliving that exact same moment. Perhaps this is a defect in my mind that is not supposed to be exposed to us the way Jim Carey in the movie “The Truman Show” was not supposed to be aware he was living on a TV set and his life was a TV show for the world to watch at dinner time.

If you sit and think carefully about your existence, you might find this question pops up.

Why is it that we feel we have lived this moment before? Is it a sneak peek into our former life before our birth into this current human life?

Question #3: What was life like before you were born?

This one can freak you out a little. Some days, I try so hard to imagine life before my birth.

What was I doing before 1986? Was I nothing? Was I a tree? Was I someone’s pet dog?

It’s really weird. No matter how hard I think about this question, there is never any answer or a glimmer of a flashback that I hope so desperately to have. Imagine this: at one point in time, you didn’t exist. You had no struggles, no one to love, nothing to protect, and no one to perform for.

Even if you can’t remember this time (and you probably never will), does it not give you a sense of clarity for right now?

This means what happens tomorrow, or in a year, or at work tomorrow really doesn’t matter all that much. My fragile male ego, insecurities, and fake ass brand on the internet don’t mean jack. One day it will be forgotten.

This is a freeing thought when you feel held back by life and are worrying yourself to death about every little thing. This thought can birth creatives, activists, entrepreneurs, and people who have huge dreams.

Final thought

I told you these three questions are rare and unusual. There may be no real answer to each of them, but hidden inside each question is many profound and recurring thoughts.

Question #1 makes me feel more connected to other people.

Question #2 makes me think about being reborn.

Question #3 makes me not give a flying f**k about almost everything.

Rare questions help to change your thinking even if they don’t have any answer, or go against science or the power of the human mind.

This article first appeared on Medium.