These 15 companies have the happiest employees and this is the reason why

As employee satisfaction continues to rise in the US, industry insiders are zeroing in on what really makes people happy at work.

The latest two cents comes from an anonymous professional network firm, Blind, in the form of an extensive new survey. The majority of the 10,129 participating Americans believe that fulfilling work comes down to one crucial element: growth.

“Overall, Blind found that employees who felt they had significant growth were also the happiest and, as self-reported employee growth declined, so did happiness. Nearly 80% of employees who reported they had significant personal growth also reported they were happy in their current role,” explained Kyum Kim, Blind co-founder.  “However, among employees who reported they had only moderate growth, only slightly more than half said they are happy. Happiness drops notably again among employees who reported they had no growth, with only 16-percent saying they are happy in their role”

Below, Ladders provides the latest edition of Blind’s annual list of the top 15 companies with the happiest employees, before unpacking the secrets to attracting and retaining fresh new talent.

Goals to rally behind

Top 15 Companies with the Happiest Employees

  1. Netflix
  2. Bloomberg 
  3. ServiceNow
  4. Google
  5. Tesla
  • PayPal
  • Pinterest 
  • Facebook
  • Lyft
  • LinkedIn
  • Spotify
  • T-Mobile
  • VMware
  • Cisco

The survey was conducted between December 9th  and  December 31st, 2019. In order to properly contrast perceived developmental growth and workplace satisfaction Blind administered two questionnaires to their study pool.

The first was a three-point recall that used the following metrics: “Significant growth,” “moderate growth” and “no growth,” represented numerically with the number 0. The second employed a simple yes or no prompt premised by the following: “Are you happy at your current workplace?”

While the degree of purported growth opportunities did not intimate a perfect determinant for employee satisfaction, just about 68% of the respondents said that they were satisfied with the growth opportunities at their current place of employment and only 51% of all the employees featured in the report said that they were satisfied with their workplace.

Moreover, 79% of respondents who reported working for companies with significant growth opportunities were happy with their organization compared to the 16% of happy workers who responded that they had no growth opportunities at their company.

Personal and developmental growth poses an undeniable influence on career fulfillment, even if the extent to which varies worker to worker.

“Employee growth and professional development are critical in employee engagement,” said Blind reporter Michele Leung.

“In a Gallup poll, 87% of millennials say professional development is essential in a job. Many companies invest a lot of resources in their employee development programs. It is evident that personal growth highly correlates with the commitment of the employees, which drives the prosperity of the organization, creating a virtuous cycle. Bloomberg, JUUL, Cruise Automation, Facebook, and Spotify ranked top 5 on our list, where employees thought they had the most growth in 2019 — followed by Wayfair, Google, Lyft, Walmart, and Uber.”

Ideally, company growth and personal employee growth should share a symbiotic relationship. When a company invests in innovative technologies and burgeoning work culture trends like whole—health programs and internal communications, team members are in turn inspired to maintain quality output. Value-driven leadership surges productivity by providing workers with a rubric and shared goals to rally behind.

Top 15 Companies with the Most Employee Growth Opportunity

  1. Bloomberg
  2. JUUL
  3. Cruise Automation
  4. Facebook
  5. Spotify
  • Wayfair
  • Google
  • Lyft
  • Walmart
  • Uber
  • Tableau Software
  • Splunk
  • Capital One
  • LinkedIn
  • Netflix