These 10 companies are offering competitive salaries in this city

Has 2020 left you wanting to level up in your career?

Perhaps you feel frustrated and burnt out from your own company’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and you want to leave that kind of work altogether. While some industries have thrived in a world gone remote, others have suffered losses and employees are looking to break into industries that can weather the storm of an ever-evolving workplace landscape.

One industry that has fared extremely well and is projected to have tremendous growth in creating jobs for folks with the fortitude to lead and manage companies is project management. Seattle, Washington is the city with the most open positions to offer tech aficionados and organized leaders of all backgrounds a head start in the industry.

However, being well versed in the tech industry is not the only skill needed to thrive in this position. Someone who has superb organizational skills, great interpersonal relations, amazing communication skills, and a vested interest in meeting deadlines for a successful project to get off the ground and running can easily break into a well-paid role directing a project of their very own in the new year. If you are the kind of person who is able to take the reigns and delegate tasks to direct your team in finishing a shared objective look no further and apply to any of the following positions mentioned in this article to put those leadership skills to good use.

Let’s take a closer look at the companies offering the best compensation and opportunities for upward mobility for project managers and a direct link to apply for those positions to kickstart your career into high gear come 2021.

1. Apple

Apple is a household name at this point and the location in Seattle is looking for a senior engineering project manager with a demonstrated background and experience working with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The pay is substantial, up to 150K per year, but this kind of position is very technical and requires the applicant to be highly adept in operating and understanding artificial intelligence. A job like this requires about 8 to 10 years of experience and if you’d like to get a headstart on sharpening your skillset to meet the high expectations of this position there are AI and ML interactive courses online.

Apply to this open position on our site here today.

2. PitchBook

Perhaps you have a demonstrated work history in the world of finance and have a great understanding of venture capital investments that won’t cause your clients to lose money. PitchBook is a financial data and software company that has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington and offices in New York, San Francisco, and London. This position will have you drive the creation of project plans, manage stakeholders, monitor project performance through timely communications and reports, support team communication and collaboration along with ensuring timely completion of deliveries. Being in tune with the stock market is a huge plus for ensuring you invest other people’s venture capital into the right place.

If you think you have what it takes for this high stakes well-paid position at 80-100K a year, apply here.

3. Splunk

Splunk is looking for a dynamic project manager with a background in full-stack software engineer infrastructure. According to the job post, this person must have 5 to 7 years of experience in product management and software engineering. If you have strong analytical skills and an ability to adapt to a vigorous project environment managing several projects at once to define development objectives with engineers and other product managers, this job might just be your calling.

The salary is a handsome one at 150K per year so apply now.

4. Nordstrom

Retail is a trying industry if you’re in a customer-facing position, especially around the holidays. Those folks who have management experience at any retail location should look into this new position Nordstrom is itching to fill. This job requires skills in collaboration with cross-functional teams, business stakeholders, engineers, program managers, and other project managers to produce the best solutions possible. A keen eye and understanding of company inventory and the consumer fashion marketplace is a huge plus for those applying.

Compensation is 80K-100K a year for those who can bring this type of leadership into a retail landscape so don’t hesitate to send that resume in by following this link on our site.

5. Littler Mendelson P.C.

For those with a background in government non-profit work, I suggest looking into this project management role at Littler. The position pays a yearly salary of 100K per year and Littler Mendelson P.C. is a Seattle, Washington based law firm that handles labor and employment litigation as well as global mobility and immigration issues concurrently. This highly demanding position requires the applicant to possess a strong ability to manage projects with strict time constraints, identify data management, and be able to access and manage highly classified data governance and protection to those disenfranchised due to cruel labor laws and immigration policies.

Make a marked difference in someone’s life and apply for this position here.

6. Amazon

Amazon is searching for someone with a vested interest in building software solutions to execute appropriate quality plans for consumers and businesses partnered with Amazon. A background in marketing and branding can go a long way towards thriving in this position. This salary starts at 100K but depending on your experience in SDE roles it could pay upwards of 150K a year. According to the job posting that went up 4 days ago “As a Senior SDE, you will be tasked with leading product innovations in measurement and optimization that enable us to deliver relevant and performant advertising experiences to customers.”

Break into this industry by applying on Ladder’s site here.

7. FirstMark Insurance Group

Calling all people with a background in finance again! FirstMark is looking for people with experience in project management roles to take on a senior product manager role. This insurance company requires applicants to be adept in using both Agile and Waterfall methodologies and to understand the difference between the two in order to decide the best way to approach completing projects proficiently that will serve the particular circumstance best.

FirstMark is offering 80-100K for this position. You can send your resume here.

8. Axon

Would you like to lead your team into understanding more about the benefits and functionality of virtual reality technology? VR is certainly an industry on the rise since many of us are stuck at home and looking to indulge in a reality a bit less bleak than the one we are currently facing. It won’t be difficult to outline all of the ways in which utilizing VR technology can vastly improve the quality of life for those stuck in one place due to illness, disability, or shelter in place mandates. This job will require you to work closely with sales representatives to sell the myriad benefits of implementing VR technology into consumer’s day to day lives.

If this sounds of interest to you then apply here and make up to 100K a year!

9. Mattermost

Mattermost is hiring for a remote project manager from the comfort of your own home. What is Mattermost’s mission statement? “Mattermost is the world’s largest open-source project for digital workplace technology. Collaboratively developed by over 500 contributors, the platform is available in 16 languages with a rich and broad ecosystem of integrations and enhancements.” Applicants must have a demonstrated experience in lead software engineer roles and how to apply digital technology to enhance workplace solutions.

This remote gig pays 150K salary per year so jumpstart your career now and apply here.

10. Comtech Telecommunications

If you have experience in the telecommunications sector Comtech Telecommunications is looking to bring on a project manager that can handle the following responsibilities. Requirements of the job include working alongside engineers, IP network architects, database architects and understanding how to utilize programs like Windows and Linux systems for tech-based communication solutions for consumers.

This job offers a competitive 100k per year salary so if you have experience in the telecommunications field look no further and apply today.