The Top 15 highest-paying jobs in procurement

Procurement focuses on the acquisition and procurement all of the goods, services, and work that is vital to an organization.

So which companies are hiring for $100K  jobs in procurement the most? Ladders put together a list of the 15 companies hiring the most $100K+ jobs currently in this exciting field using data from its continuously updated database of high-paying jobs.

1. Comcast: 541

Comcast Corporation is an American global mass media and telecommunications conglomerate that is the largest broadcasting and cable television company in the world by revenue.

2. NTT DATA Services: 511

Highest paying job titles at NTT DATA Services include Software Developer, Project Manager, and Business Analyst.

3. Harris Corporation: 435

Harris Corporation is an American technology company, defense contractor and information technology services provider that produces wireless equipment, tactical radios, electronic systems, night vision equipment and both terrestrial and spaceborne antennas for use in the government, defense and commercial sectors.

4. Verizon: 430

If you break your phone you are going to be truly out of luck if you have Verizon.

5. JPMorgan Chase & Co: 422

The average salary for a JPMorgan Chase & Co employee is $129,931 per year. Ladders’ estimates are based on our calculations. Read more about the company and how to get hired there.

6. Walmart: 417

Walmart may be finally catching up to Amazon in terms of customer wins, according to new data. 

7. Accenture: 403

Accenture’s shares have gained 81% over the last three years due to revenue and higher earnings.

8. Raytheon: 382

The Raytheon Company is a major U.S. defense contractor and industrial corporation with core manufacturing concentrations in weapons and military and commercial electronics.

9. CVS: 378

The pharmaceutical leader also offers some of the top-paying jobs in the pharmaceutical and medical sales industries.

10. Microsoft: 371

The computer software giant, and Apple rival, made Glassdoor’s 2018 100 Best Places to Work list.

11.  Boeing: 365

The manufacturer’s pilotless fighter jet will soon be flying over the Australian outback.

12. CommScope, Inc.: 337

CommScope Inc., which opened in 1976, is an American global network infrastructure provider company based in Hickory, NC.

13. Booz Allen Hamilton: 335

The company is growing its defense and aerospace-related business.

14. Citigroup: 324

The multinational investment banking and financial services corporation has headquarters in New York City.

15. Amazon: 316

Once upon a time, they sold books and now they sell everything.