The simplest yet most effective life hack I’ve ever learned

There was a man I knew once, much older, who was a master of making people feel comfortable.

He would show up anywhere, talk to anyone, and if you listened close enough you could hear him add a tiny laugh to the ends of certain phrases.

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Instead of saying, “I know, that’s just how the world works,” he would laugh in this sincere way while saying the words, “world works,” as if of course! The world! Don’t you agree!

And the other person would subtly laugh back, as if they were reminiscing about times spent on the playground together during their childhood.

This extremely tiny addition to every few of his phrases made people fall in love with him.

He made everyone feel comfortable.

He made everyone feel like his closest friend.

Inherently, because I spent a lot of time listening to this man speak, I picked up a similar quality.

I found myself adding the smallest little laugh to things I said, as if at ease with life.

This at-ease was then encouraged by the other person.

Within seconds, we felt like friends.

This is the most clever “life hack” I’ve ever learned.

In any aspect of life, whether it’s business or even just showing up to a dinner where you meet your good friend’s significant other, adding a subtle laugh to some of the light-hearted things you say opens the door for comfort.

It shows the other person that you are willing to be at ease with the moment, and in turn, they feel equally as comfortable.

If you can make the other person laugh, they will feel like your closest friend.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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