The dynamic Foster sisters on how to survive working with a sibling

Erin and Sara Foster are Hollywood royalty. The sisters are close friends (partly through their parents’ various marriages) with some of your favorite people to read and gossip about including The Kardashians, Kate Hudson, The Jenners, Nicole Richie, and Courtney Cox to name a few. In other words, they are well connected.

But if you think they have relied on their connections (their father is famous music producer David Foster) to build their careers which include writing and producing (the totally underrated VH1 series Barely Famous and the upcoming show Daddy Issues), fashion collaborations, and in 2017, they were appointed as Heads of Creative for Bumble.

Though most people associate Bumble, started by Whitney Wolfe Herd, with dating, the business networking side, Bumble Bizz, has taken on quite a successful life of its own. Bumble Bizz lets women highlight their professional skills, portfolios and accomplishments and network with worthy connections all from their phone. But just like the dating side of the app, women have to message first.

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Last year, Bumble launched Bumble Fund to invest in women founders who are often largely ignored by the venture capital establishment. With startups led and founded by women receiving only 2% of all venture capital last year, the women-first network saw a clear need to try to elevate these entrepreneurs. Bumble also held its second annual Female Film Force competition this spring which gives grants to five different female filmmakers in France, Germany, the UK, and Ireland to create short films. So, yeah, it’s not just a dating app.

Ladders caught up with the sisters at an event celebrating the launch of a collaboration between Bumble and Cointreau. The partnership was inspired by the drive for people to make more connections in unique and different ways. The upcoming Margarita Monday events, which will be held in cities all over the country on Monday nights feature a cocktail-making class where a Cointreau brand ambassador leads Bumble matches in making The Original Margarita together.

“It was inspired by a shared passion for creating extraordinary moments and bringing people together to build genuine connections. We wanted to create an opportunity for matches on the app to engage in real life – not just to have drinks or dinner, but to bond over mixing up Margaritas, which we personally love to do!” the Fosters told Ladders.

They shared more on their careers, working together, and all things Bumble.

On their roles at Bumble

“We’re so passionate about Bumble’s mission. We love being creative and thinking of ways we can incorporate it into everything: from dinners and panels to TV shows and partnerships with other women-led companies.”

On working with a sibling (the highs and lows)

Erin: “We’ll get into an argument and Sara will slam the door and storm out. 20 minutes later, she’ll text me and say, ‘Are you coming over for dinner with the kids?’ and I’m like, ‘Yes, I’m on my way!’ Similar to any other siblings, we definitely have our moments but at the end of the day, we’re each other’s best friends and biggest supporters.”

On the best advice, Whitney Wolfe has given them

” ‘[Whitney told us] Anything can turn into something with passion and hard work.’ Whitney believed in her idea from the start, even when people told her that launching Bumble was ‘too risky.’ Watching her makes us better. She’s so humble but she’s also such a boss.”

On new Bumble initiatives

“Bumble has so many things coming down the pipeline! As you previously saw, we recently partnered with Cointreau to transform routine Mondays into extraordinary ones with Margarita Monday events. We just hosted the inaugural event in New York City, and Bumble is currently in the midst of planning similar events in Los Angeles, Austin, and Chicago throughout the month of June.

“In addition to the Margarita Monday events, we know that there will be a number of additional events that will be happening in cities around the world throughout the course of the summer, whether it’s having a presence at a Pride event or hosting a fun happy hour Bumble BFF bar tab. We understand the importance of taking relationships from the app into real life, and we’re constantly looking for ways to create engaging environments where our users can connect with someone they’ve met on Bumble Date, BFF or Bizz.”

On staying motivated

“The feeling we get when we come up with an idea, develop it, and watch it in action. We never get tired of that feeling.”

On their morning routines

Sara: “I always like to check my emails before my kids wake up.”

Erin: “I put my phone on silent and turn it over while I tackle work emails in the afternoon. It’s very easy to be distracted and if you’re responding to a text every few minutes you’ll never get through the work you need to get done.”

On strange jobs they’ve had

Erin: “I worked at a comfort shoe store when I was 15. Putting comfort shoes on old people … let’s just say I didn’t peak in high school.”

Sara: “Playing a corpse on a TV show in a body bag.”

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