The best LeBron James NBA Finals memes related to work

This past week, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors faced off in Game 1 and Game 2 of 2018 NBA Finals. As basketball fans, we may not be playing on the court ourselves, but we can relate to our heroes’ failures and victories, repurposing them for meme mortality. On Thursday, the Warriors’ overtime victory gave us one relatable moment that will be remembered long after the score settled.

During Game 1, Cleveland’s LeBron James had been having one of the greatest games of his career, scoring 49 points in regulation, tying the game and giving his team of underdogs a fighting chance. Until that momentum was squandered in a late-game mental blunder by Cleveland’s J.R. Smith. In the closing seconds of Game 1, Smith got an offensive rebound and inexplicably chose to dribble the ball out, appearing to be unaware that the game was tied and that he had an opportunity for a game-winning shot. James was photographed yelling at Smith, frantically motioning him to move towards the basket.

Cleveland ended up losing the game, 124-114, and James’ visible frustration at Smith became our frustration to repurpose for anyone who has dealt with disappointment at work.

About that meeting that should never have happened

About redundant job application forms

About that 30-minute commute that becomes a 3-hour journey

About students who ask questions you already answered

About someone in your group who fails to produce

About someone undermining your work