These items will add a soothing ambience to your home office

When you think about home office essentials, what comes to mind? A decent desk, maybe a planner or a wall calendar, possibly even an ergonomic chair, right? These essentials are just that—essentials—but what about the little details that make your home office somewhere you actually want to be? A place where your creative ideas flow naturally and your stress levels are at a minimum.

Here, we’ve rounded up a selection of our favorite stress-relieving items on Amazon to add a soothing ambience to your home office and help boost your productivity and calm your mind.

From slightly woo-woo healing crystals to more practical ambient lighting, these will ensure your home office is a place that fills you with joy and peace rather than stress or anxiety.

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser for soothing scents

If you often find yourself counting down the hours and days to when you’ll be able to hit the spa, why not bring one of the best aspects of a spa day right into your home office? The Vitruvi Stone Diffuser is elegant and subtle, and the variety of soothing essential oils (from eucalyptus to orange blossom) smell just like your favorite day spa. Note that essential oil diffusers are highly toxic to cats and dogs, so if you do have pets at home, consider opting for a lightly scented candle or incense instead.

Succulent plants to add a little greenery 

There have been many studies over the years that suggest adding plants to your work space almost instantly decreases stress and ease feelings of mundanity in the workplace. In fact, just the sight of a house plant can instantly bring stress levels down. If you’re considering a house plant but don’t exactly have a green thumb, consider a succulent or two. Not only are they virtually maintenance free and wildly easy to keep alive, their comforting geometric shape will bring down stress levels in a hurry.

Seaside Village touch control table lamp for ambient lighting

If you’ve been relying on harsh overhead lighting in your home office, do yourself a favor right now and pick up an adjustable desk light. A minimalist lamp, like this one from Seaside Village, doesn’t take up much space on your desk, but the soft, adjustable brightness will give you full control of your lighting level depending on your mood and the time of day and allow you to set a relaxing, comfortable work environment.

An amethyst crystal cluster to stimulate and soothe the mind 

Whether you subscribe to the power of healing crystals or you just like the way they look when they catch the light, a piece of bright purple amethyst will find a happy home on any desk. The crystal is said to have properties that help soothe and stimulate the mind and emotions while absorbing negativity and replacing it with a calm healing energy. If you’re still a skeptic, look at it this way: the natural violet-hued stone is undeniably beautiful to look at, based on aesthetics alone, and that has to be worth something.

A zen garden for meditation and mindfulness 

You may have played with a zen garden in your dentist’s office in the past—many medical waiting rooms provide these little mindful-focused toys because of their instantly soothing capabilities. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be an inherently creative person, picking up the miniature rakes and tools and crafting your own design in the sand is a form of mindful meditation and promises to bring down stress levels immediately.