This is the best day to take off from work during Fourth of July week

In many ways, the Fourth of July is the best holiday.

It’s all the drinking of Christmas minus all the hanging out with your awful family, it’s all the food of Thanksgiving without all the hanging out with your awful family, and it’s all the missing work of a funeral without all the hanging out with your awful family. Plus it’s a whole weekend’s worth of eating, drinking fireworks and pledging to the flag…or whatever. According to a new Office Plus survey of 430 white-collar professionals, 58% of workers will be taking at least one day off during the fourth of July week, with Friday being the most frequently cited day by 82%. 

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“The Fourth of July week will essentially be a lost one for businesses as the bulk of professionals are taking time off during the holiday week. And the few workaholics that aren’t taking time off may be showing up to the office with a slight hangover the day after the fireworks,” the authors behind the Office Pulse survey report. 

Again, the vast majority of professionals are eyeing the Friday after the fourth to treat themselves to an Independence day off by 82%, though 19% plan to take off on the previous Monday, 23% plan to take off on the previous Tuesday, and 37% intend to call out of work on the previous Wednesday.

Of the brave troops that said they plan on coming that day, 26% said they expect to be either hungover or extra tired, which is 7% higher than the number that said this last year when surveyed by Office Pulse.


Older professionals seemed to need the time to recuperate more than the younger respondents, given 62% of them reported no intention of coming in following the fireworks. Senior management was found to be even more keen on the idea of taking the day, with a shocking 78% reporting so.  

AAA reports that 2019 will experience the highest amount of Americans traveling on Independence day since the organization started keeping track back in 2000. Just about 49 millions citizens plan on doing a bit of traveling on for the Fourth, which is 4.1% more that did so last year.