The argument for dogs at work

Although we hear about dogs in offices through the media as they spotlight companies that have embraced pets, the fact is, those workplaces are outliers.

Only 9% of companies allow employees to bring their pets to work every day, according to a 2018 survey from the Society for Human Resource Management.

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Still, in anticipation of Take Your Dog to Work Day on June 21, we might find out that a dog could be the most important member of your team.

Wellness Natural Pet Food surveyed 1,000 pet owners and found that there is an argument for employees bringing their dogs to work – increased socialization between humans (facilitated by Fido, of course), better well-being (a 2012 study said that people who brought their dog to work had lower hormonal stress levels) fewer worries about employees’ pups being left at home, and above all, a new tool for recruitment and retention.

Having your dog at work curbs distractions

Having your pet at work can prevent you from being distracted by thinking about your animal buddy being alone at home. More than half (54%) of pet owners reported feeling distracted at work thinking about their pet at home. (67% Millennials felt this way, compared to just 34% of Boomers). One in three (33%) animal owners said taking care of their pet interferes with their work hours.

“Pet perks” are a recruitment and retention tool

Nearly half (49%) of dog owners said that “pet perks” are important when considering a job offer. Among dog owners,  25% said that being able to work from home to care for a pet is important. A quarter (24%) said that having the flexibility to leave work and go home to check on or walk their dog is critical. And 18% said that ability to bring their dog to work was high on their list.

People include their pets in all their decisions – including job decisions

Nearly a third (28%) of pet owners would consider accepting a job that would give them more time to spend with their pet.

People demonstrated the desire to go on vacation with their pet – 41% of pet owners said they’d consider planning a vacation that their animals could be a part of.

A full quarter (26%) of pet owners would ever consider moving to a new house if it would make their pet happier. And 18% took it even further, saying they’d consider moving to a new town – if only it made their pup happier.

Pets in the workplace will improve socialization and wellbeing

Are there animals in the workplace? Then the workforce should be perking up. One-third (32%) of respondents reported feeling more motivated or productive because of pets in the work environment. Pets benefit company culture, said 65% of those surveyed. They even have magical powers: 75%  believed that pets would help diffuse a stressful situation in the workplace.

And 59% felt that their animals were the key to human socialization, responding that they would get to know colleagues better if there were pets present in the workplace.

So take your dog to work on June 21 – or print out this article and try to convince your boss, at least.

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