The 25 best cities for job seekers may surprise you

Glassdoor just released its list of the 25 Best Cities for Jobs 2017, and with Pittsburgh, PA in the top spot and New York and San Francisco nowhere to be found in the rankings, midsize cities are in the spotlight.

Of all of the findings, here are some that stood out.

These cities take the cake

The researchers came up with Glassdoor City Scores (out of 5) based on the ease of getting a job, how much people like their positions, and how much money it takes to live in each area.

Pittsburgh, PA came in first place, with a listed city score of 4.4, a 3.2 score in job satisfaction, a median base salary of $44,000, a median home value of $137,400 and 95,399 open positions. The data also featured some “local in-demand jobs” for each location. In the top Pittsburg’s case, these were “Registered Nurse,” “Civil Engineer” and “Project Manager.”

As for the rest of the top five, Indianapolis, IN was #2 (4.4 city score), Kansas City, MO was #3 (4.4 city score), Raleigh-Durham, NC was #4 (4.4 city score), and St. Louis, MO was #5 (4.4 city score).

It’s also worth noting that although cities like San Francisco and New York weren’t present on the 25-city list, Glassdoor said that “several of these cities currently offer healthy job markets.”

This California city has the big bucks

Salaries and the cost of living vary by city, but one on the list really stood out.

While San Jose, CA lagged behind some others in terms of city score (4.0) and the number of job openings (106,809), it was among the highest in terms of job satisfaction (3.5) — and had the highest listed median base salary, at $100,000, and the highest listed and median home value ($1,013,700) by far.

Here’s what to love about medium-sized cities

There’s a lot to love about medium-sized cities, as Glassdoor Chief Economist Dr. Andrew Chamberlain explained.

“Big, metropolitan cities may be more famous than others, including being home to some amazing companies to work for, but this recognition is also what contributes to them being among the most expensive places to live,” he said. “People may be overlooking midsize cities like Pittsburgh or St. Louis if they are looking to relocate or find new opportunities. What this jobs report shows is that many midsize cities stand out for offering a great mix of a thriving job market with plenty of opportunity, paired with home affordability and being regions where employees are more satisfied in their jobs too.”

Cities at the bottom of the list

Rounding out the bottom of the 25-city list were Chicago, IL at #23 (4.0 city score), Charlotte, NC at #24 (4.0 city score) and Dallas-Fort Worth, TX at #25 (city score of 4.0).

Certain states — or maybe just big cities— may come to mind when you think of the best place to score a job, but Glassdoor’s newest list shows that a position suited for you just might be in a place you haven’t given much thought.