The 10 best power blazers to wear for your Zoom interview

Have you ever heard the saying “the clothes make the man”? OK, what you wear isn’t everything, and too many of these old adages (this one comes from the Middle Ages!) are all about men. But nevertheless, there is some truth to it. 

In 2012 psychologists coined the phrase, the “enclothed cognition effect.” They discovered that how you dress can influence how you see yourself, and even how you perform. Individuals who dress professionally tend to rank themselves higher on self-efficacy and self-esteem, and can be more likely to apply for higher positions.

So if you’re wondering what to wear for a Zoom interview, consider adding one of these power blazers to make you both feel and act ready for anything. 

10 power blazers to nail a Zoom interview 

1. Boston Proper Classic Blazer – This versatile blazer is advertised a “boyfriend cut”, while still shaped enough to just skim the body. The translation? It’s loose enough to push up the sleeves slightly, without drowning you in excess fabric around the middle. This staple piece comes in 12 different colors, including a few fun options like gold, açai, and red, as well as classic shades like slate grey and black. 

2. Mairéad Tweed Blazer – This professorial tweed blazer is woven in Ireland, making it a memorable, one-of-a-kind piece for an interview. It comes in a soft, flattering plum shade, with feminine tailoring, sturdy construction, and moleskin trim. It also features a delicate flower brooch, a small and adjustable detail that evokes the Celtic countryside where it was made. 

3. Madewell Plaid Blazer – With a slouchy, comfortable fit and a herringbone plaid pattern, the Larsen Blazer from Madewell projects confidence without trying. While it’s designed with an oversize fit, the luxe Italian fabric and soft lining keeps things professional. You can also feel good about your purchase, since each blazer is made at a Fair Trade Certified factory, and the sale raises contributions to a Community Development Fund managed by the workers. 

4. Mango Structured Suit Blazer – The Mango Blazer is perfect for anyone who wants a more structured, polished look, while still wanting to play with some bright color options to make an impact over Zoom. The powder blue and dark green versions of this blazer give the pulled-together cut some pop.

5. Everlane The Oversized Blazer – Everlane’s take on the menswear-inspired classic is modern and roomy. Made from 100% recycled Italian wool, it comes in black, grey herringbone, and chocolate houndstooth. The oversized fit is an effortlessly chic nod to men’s styling, and, as a bonus, is loose enough to keep you comfortable through even the longest and most nerve-wracking of Zoom interviews. 

6. Brooks Brothers Stretch Wool One-Button Jacket – Brooks Brothers has been making business attire for over 200 years, so they must be doing something right. This black one-button blazer is as professional as they come. Signal that you belong among the elite with this blazer’s easy elegance, traditional tailoring, and signature striped lining. 

7. Ann Taylor Newbury Blazer – The play-it-safe cut of this Ann Taylor blazer is shaken up by its cheerful, confident orange color. Stand out from a sea of Zoom candidates in a virtual interview by opting for a strong color choice like this one. The professional cut combined with the bright color of this blazer says that you know the rules, you just prefer to set them yourself. 

8. Endless Rose Single Breasted Blazer – This fitted blazer is delicate in pale pink, yet undeniably fresh and fierce with a single-breasted, slightly boxy cut. Sporting flat-lying front pockets, this blazer signals cutting-edge confidence, while the soft blush shade keeps things approachable. 

9. Old Navy Classic Ponte-Knit Blazer – This option from Old Navy is a win for your wallet, while making you look pulled-together and professional in simple black. It’s machine-washable, and can even go in the dryer, which is more important than ever during the era of lockdowns. Its washability means you can not only avoid making trips out to the dry cleaner, but you can also wear it over and over again for multiple Zoom interviews, while still feeling fresh for each one. 

10. BCBGeneration Striped Tuxedo Blazer – Shake things up with an unmistakably trendy striped tuxedo-cut blazer from BCBG. Collarless and buttonless, this blazer has extra long sleeves, a slightly pointed hem, and two near-invisible pockets. It’s a statement piece with clean lines and crisp tailoring, giving you flattering lines as well as an instant confidence boost. Businesswear depends on the business. But until you’re in the door and can crack the dress code, you can’t go wrong with wearing a blazer for an interview.

And since for a Zoom interview you only show the top half of your outfit, choosing the right blazer and shirt can send a signal that you came prepared. Dressing professionally can make you feel more confident, be perceived as more capable, and help you get the job you want.